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Hi, I’m Pam. I’m a mom and a wife. There’s my husband, Derick, Van 5, Boston 3, and Baker 22 months. We all live and have fun playing house in windy Southern Alberta. I’m a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many handsome men! I do my best avoiding people and lazing away my days/afternoons with my family and as the sun goes down, I turn into a workaholic. I have a whack of hobbies, so I created this blog to have a place to share them. Turns out, I have another hobby now! Blogging. :)


And here’s the rest in case you were curious? Graphic design, photography, interior design, photoshop, scrapbooking, and napping. Yes, napping is just as important to me as everything else in the list. Okay maybe more important. :) A few of these hobbies have happily turned into businesses, and that’s pretty great. :) Unfortunately nobody wants to pay me to nap yet though, what gives? So now this blog has ended up being a place to share my hobbies and some fun business stuff!


I have a bit of a career too. (If it’s not obvious yet, I sort of like to work! I should have been a man except I kind of like being a girl minus all the c-sections!) I’m a closed captioner. Best explained as, you know when you turn the captions on your television because you can’t hear it? I’m the one who puts those up there! If it’s a live show, a live person is doing the captioning. Neat, right? I love it. My favourite thing to caption is sports. Preferably the NBA, tennis and the Jays. Captioners can write up to 300 words per minute depending on how fast those tv personalities choose to talk/ramble!


Thanks for the visit. :)

Much love, Pam





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