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Five (long) Years

Shepard and Deacon would be five today. I do my best to not think of the “would bes” and the “couldView full post »

Four Years

Shepard and Deacon wanted to share their birthday gift one month early this year so you could have a fun printable forView full post »

Happy Three Years

This year to celebrate Shepard and Deacon’s big day they debuted¬†on earth, I’m using the lyrics from myView full post »

How many kids do you have?

Six. All boys. And I’d take six more please… I shared this picture on Instagram all ready, but it’sView full post »

Two Years

Happy second birthday Shepard and Deacon! Birthdays of loved ones in heaven are a tricky thing. As members of the LDSView full post »

Some Watson Thoughts

Dangit look at how little and squishy Watson was only eleven months ago. Makes me mad! Ha ha. At least he’s stillView full post »

One Year

One year ago today we met our handsome little boys Shepard Fred and Deacon Bennett. One of the hardest things aboutView full post »

Five C-Sections

Being pregnant for your fifth time, with your sixth baby, with just three little boys at home…makes for someView full post »

Two Red Balloons

I’m happy to finally share some details from Shepard and Deacon’s little service we held for them. Of courseView full post »

24 Weeks 5 Days: Together

Here’s the only pictures I have of my sweet identical babes together. Shepard is Twin A, Deacon is Twin B. As hardView full post »

Thinking Time

It occurred to me the other day that I post a lot on Instagram about hanging out in bed, so I thought maybe it was goodView full post »

Two Happy Days

For two days, we were just.happy. The twins were born Monday evening, and after the delivery, we were able to see DeaconView full post »

The Surprise

Thanks for the support for my last post everyone, I really felt like I was moving forward a little after I had posted itView full post »

Shepard Fred & Deacon Bennett

I’m not sure the best way to share this, and every few words I type I burst into tears all over again, but here&#View full post »

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