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6 C-Sections

The night before I checked into Foothills, I realized I hadn’t even worn my new mat swimsuit once or been to theView full post »

10 Years

So today is mine and Derick’s 10-year anniversary! Though we’d always planned on being on our first cruiseView full post »

Five C-Sections

Being pregnant for your fifth time, with your sixth baby, with just three little boys at home…makes for someView full post »

6 Months with No. 6

So I guess I should let everyone know we’re having another baby. :) I want this post to be light and happy, andView full post »

Merry Christmas Card

Merry Christmas folks! Here’s our card for this year…love these two pictures Leah got for me in Kelowna. IView full post »

April 2013!

Yup, pregnant again! And man, has number four sure been different for me. Top left I’m almost four months, and topView full post »

17-55mm Lens for Sale

Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.7 IS USM lens with the Hoya 77mm filter for $850. Boring post, I know, but it’s probablyView full post »

Handsome Mr. Heggie

Derick’s grad ceremony was a few weeks ago, and I didn’t take very many pictures because by the time the twoView full post »

Oh How I Love You

daddy-oh from Leah Lacey on Vimeo. So Derick turned 30 last week, and (like I mentioned a few posts ago) I wanted toView full post »

I’m Grosser Than You

I get paranoid that anyone who reads my blog would think that my house is always as clean as the little tours I do nowView full post »


Not sure if anyone’s noticed the little button on the side of my blog just recently that says I’m aView full post »

All The Ways

 Just wait until you see how awesome this video is!!! Ba ha ha. Yes, I am proud of my little family and my sister’View full post »

It’s not you, it’s me.

***ETA***UPDATE!!! Everything is sold!! Thanks everyone! Yes, I’m breaking up with my first camera, and it makesView full post »

Class of 2001

Yes, technically, these pictures are “old”, and it would have been much better to have blogged them inView full post »

The KOA is A-Okay

This is what I am doing RIGHT NOW! Lol. Heaven, right? We’ve been camping at the KOA the past few days in GreatView full post »

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