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The Apple Orchard

So as if Leah didn’t all ready spoil me enough taking pictures during our Enchanted Forest visit, she also did aView full post »


Ah! So many changes! We live five minutes outside of Cardston now on the cute little acreage we shared and yes, theView full post »

Krystie Leigh Photography

Oh my am I excited about these pictures! My first studio pictures ever taken of the kids! My dear gem of a friendView full post »

Misters Dressup

Not sure if it was just a Canadian thing, but who didn’t watch Mr. Dressup as a kid? I was so jealous of his trunkView full post »

1990 Was 10 Years Ago

So it’s my birthday today, and I saw that quote on Pinterest and thought, “wow, I DO think 1990 was tenView full post »

Red-Nosed Little Boys

I was printing pictures to finish off our 2011 family album and thought I’d share some Christmas pics. They wereView full post »

Hoo Let The Owls Out?

What a fun day! Okay, I have a barrage of family members soliciting my fb wall for pictures, and they aren’tView full post »

Three Little Indians

I’m pretty sure these pictures speak for themselves concerning the amount of fun one would have photographing anView full post »

Grease Monkeys

Cue cuteness overload…in my oh-so-humble opinion. :) I’ve been wanting to do this photoshoot since aboutView full post »

A Day With Boss

I am so in love with this picture and this little boy…sheesh! Isn’t it so funny how you can take a millionView full post »

I Love Robot Me

Okay, so nothing like a good shower to make me feel like I can come back and CONQUER blogger. Take THAT blogger, andView full post »

Splashy Splashers

Oh blogging, why do you have to take so long? It’s so much work to get pictures uploaded and crap!! But overall,View full post »

Salad Dressing

I wasn’t going to post tonight, then I realized it’d been five days since I’d posted…longest runView full post »

Patty Cake, Patty Cake

Baker’s man! Here’s the rest of the map shoot. I’m SO MAD I forgot to slick Baker’s hair for theView full post »

My Handsomes

I’ve been DYING to do this photoshoot for a long time. Okay for six months. I was trying to think of somethingView full post »

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