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Watson Phen

Yep, I am the proud mama of six boys! :) And not just any ordinary six boys either! Just look at how sweet and squishyView full post »

August Fun

We were able to go to Wasa again with my family and had just as much fun as always. :) My parents bought a paddleboardView full post »

Our July Journey

Here’s some of my favourite pictures from June and July. Feels so good to get things in the scrapbook and putView full post »

Thinking Time

It occurred to me the other day that I post a lot on Instagram about hanging out in bed, so I thought maybe it was goodView full post »

Thoughts Over a Muffin

It’s time for some cute pictures with no seriousness involved at all. :) THANK YOU for all the support from myView full post »

Nothing in November

Well, Derick pretty much ditched me tonight. I had to hop on a half-hour show last minute after which I thought we wereView full post »

Van the Kindergarten Kid

As I mentioned all ready, I was so worried about Van and his first day of school ever! He didn’t do preschool, andView full post »

The Apple Orchard

So as if Leah didn’t all ready spoil me enough taking pictures during our Enchanted Forest visit, she also did aView full post »


Ah! So many changes! We live five minutes outside of Cardston now on the cute little acreage we shared and yes, theView full post »

Krystie Leigh Photography

Oh my am I excited about these pictures! My first studio pictures ever taken of the kids! My dear gem of a friendView full post »

Misters Dressup

Not sure if it was just a Canadian thing, but who didn’t watch Mr. Dressup as a kid? I was so jealous of his trunkView full post »

1990 Was 10 Years Ago

So it’s my birthday today, and I saw that quote on Pinterest and thought, “wow, I DO think 1990 was tenView full post »

Red-Nosed Little Boys

I was printing pictures to finish off our 2011 family album and thought I’d share some Christmas pics. They wereView full post »

Hoo Let The Owls Out?

What a fun day! Okay, I have a barrage of family members soliciting my fb wall for pictures, and they aren’tView full post »

Three Little Indians

I’m pretty sure these pictures speak for themselves concerning the amount of fun one would have photographing anView full post »

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