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Golden Unicorn

I need to share my first blog design I finished for the ProPhoto store this past year because they just released theirView full post »

Amy True Photography

Why have I not shared this blog yet?? I finished it a month ago, and then I guess Christmas happened. This blog justView full post »

Talia Audenart

Oh how this cute blog reminds me of summer! It was my summer project, and the most perfect one at that, and Talia was anView full post »

Pam I Am 2.0

So really, it’s more like Pam I Am 10.0 probably, but I’m officially calling every other version of my blogView full post »

Meghan Maxwell

So proud of how this blog turned out! Meghan of Meghan Maxwell Photography was my first local Canadian. :) Which meansView full post »

Lovely Photography

I’m so happy to share a bright fresh blog during Spring! Looking at this blog just makes me happy…how can itView full post »

Rice Photography

I finished this blog a few weeks ago, and I can’t believe it’s taken so long to share it, because it was soView full post »

Lannie & Barlow

So Lannie and Barlow are this awesome husband/wife photography/videography team in Utah, and they booked months ago, andView full post »


Ok, this header is just so cute and perfect in so many ways! Brittany came to me after all ready having her logo done byView full post »

Morgan’s Marketing Set

 How could I forget to blog the matching marketing set I made for Morgan’s blog?? If you can take a WILD guess,View full post »


 I’m in love with how different Haleigh’s blog turned out!! So fresh and unique. She made a board onView full post »

Morgan and Blogger

I can’t believe how behind I am in blogging about the projects I’ve finished in the past few months! I’View full post »

Christmas Holly

Finally I can share Holly’s blog! And just in time for Christmas! Ha ha. A lot of work went into this one, and IView full post »

Leah Lorna 2.0

I’m so so so so so excited about Leah’s blog! I had this idea quite awhile ago, and I was putting it offView full post »

Diagonal Stripes

I’m obsessed with diagonal stripes! Every shape, color, thickness, all of it…I’m pretty sure everyoneView full post »

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