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Four Years

Shepard and Deacon wanted to share their birthday gift one month early this year so you could have a fun printable for Christmas if you wanted! I bought some cute digital stuff from Etsy to make my Christmas Card, so I used them to make myself a cute Holla Days print, and then decided it would make the perfect gift, so I bought the commercial licenses so everyone could enjoy a little holla’ in their days this season. :)




Click here to download Holla Days in four different sizes. The biggest size is a little funny looking, but it’s the size I used, printed at Costco, with the matte placed on top of the print (frame from Ikea), if that makes sense! And here’s a look at how it looks in our home…with a cute matching gremlin even. Though that gremlin is currently having a meltdown. I hate/love how when a babe is sick you get to really baby them, and then when they get better, you have to detox them from being babied! Ha ha.


And here’s how this year’s card turned out…there’s getting to be a LOT of names to try and fit on there ha ha!

img_7906blogbloghorizontalmilanblogDon’t ask me why it’s uploading a bit blurry…guess I don’t blog enough to know these things anymore! And the part of the twins’ gift to the family came a little early this year so we could hold them for our photos…beautiful embroidered S&D hooks for our back entryway from Anthro. :) I always tuck their present to the family addressed from them under their white tree, and it’s pretty sweet how I didn’t even realize it, but the kids actually think they’re from the twins. Of course they do, but I just didn’t really think about it closely! “I wonder how Shepard and Deacon get their presents to us from heaven.” Just the sweetest boys ever I think I have! In heaven and on earth.


A little peek at the trim we finally got finished a few months back! Love this corner of our home. And everyone is super happy that I stilllll love this wallpaper too ha ha. img_7904blog

Missing my twin boys just as much as ever these days. I love how much a part they play in our holidays with the Christmas card, their tree, and their gift from them, shortly followed by their birthday celebration in January. To feel their presence is a gift that has to be worked for I’ve come to find, but then again, the very best things on this earth come with work, so that makes sense. Merry Christmas everyone! Love Shepard, Deacon and their family. :)

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