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2015 KOA & Horseshoe Bend


Man looking at these pictures has me excited to pull the trailer out again this summer! The other day Van went outside and eventually I realized I didn’t see him anywhere out there. After walking around the whole yard yelling his name, I found him in the trailer. Neck deep cleaning it. Ha ha! I told him dinner was ready, “mom, I just have to sweep though.” That kid LOVES to organize and clean…I was the same as a kid. :)


Gotta love a sun, swimming and fun hangover. Or maybe it was just too much Taco John’s. Ha ha! He out slept us all this day don’t ask me how! Not sure if I miss Target or Taco John’s more. :( Can whoever comes back through Browning next just please bring me a super potato oles all ready???wattsykoa

IMG_2577IMG_2607Cousin bridges. :)



Isn’t this jean quilt my mom made me just the best? That woman loves to make quilts! Just like her mom. :) hottubIMG_2707These bright shorts were the best for keeping track of Baker. Though he pretty much camped out in the hot tub the entire time. He loves being inside with me…where it’s, “always nice and warm mom.” I feel ya Bakes!


I’m still mad that the first day in school was in August this year! Worst.idea.ever! AFTER the long weekend guys!! As if our summer isn’t short enough in this country! There’s something so sentimental about first day of school pictures though. I just love them. Boss’s arm on Van’s shoulder just melts me. IMG_2773

It’s my favourite how much Boston loves his banana shirt…and how big his older brother’s hand-me-down shoes look on him. And how Van really did kill it on his first day of school which hasn’t always been the case. Not my favourite how Boston lost the new jeans he’s wearing. The best softest little jogger jeans. Who loses their PANTS? Lol. Other than the lego guy of course on the lego movie…anyone?

Man I love Baker with longer hair. I don’t love it when he gets tired of it in his eyes and cuts it himself…like three times. Or when Derick cuts it and he may as well have let Baker cut it. Ha! We let him get all ready for school, even though he didn’t go anywhere but stay home with his mom all day long this year. Right where he should be. :)

Anyone who doesn’t own a bouncing inflatable donkey needs one this second. From Amazon. It’s pretty much the best free entertainment around to watch toddlers bouncy bounce their way around the house!
septemberI refused to give in to summer being over, so we squoze two more little camping trips in after school started. This is right before we hiked Wall Lake, first time ever really hiking as a family. It was hard for those boys and COLD! But we did it…good thing cute matching grandma and grandpa were there. The bikes got ditched like 1k in.

We almost couldn’t come because the heater wouldn’t turn on. (It was snowing all ready!) Nothing worse than being all packed up ready to go and then you realize something is broken. Good thing Derick is super dad who can fix anything!



Love having this little bar in the trailer…everyone needs to make one. :)IMG_2837

And true to southern Alberta form, the next weekend was sunshiny and hot. Where do you camp when it’s the end of summer and you’re out of money and mom still has to work on Saturday? Horseshoe Bend of course, 15 minutes from your house up the river! Perks of being friends with a guy who knows a guy. Ha. I loved this little trip…hoping to squeeze in another low-key one like this again. Nothing beats free and your own little private beach…even if there’s fresh bear tracks in the morning? Yikes.


Wattsy, I want to squish your face to smitherines.



The countdown to more camping is on! Who’s brave enough to pack their snow pants away all ready with me? Lol. Ya, me either.

March 21, 2016 - 8:45 pm

Karley Lilburn - Pam!! You have the most adorable family and the BEST taste in decor…my house needs you in it’s life!! ;) Summer pictures are by far the best and it’s always the largest section in my scrabpooks and the most fun to go through!!…I took all the winter coats and snowpants out of the closet on the weekend, I hope I didn’t jinx us…but they are easily acessable for when we get our “spring dump”.

March 21, 2016 - 9:52 pm

Leah Lacey - OH my gosh this makes me so excited for summer!! It also makes me SO excited for another baby!!!

March 21, 2016 - 10:38 pm

Tara Oler-Easthope - Haha the Lego guy. That made me laugh. Your family is the cutest.

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