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2015 First Half

Just trying to get my pictures ready to print and thought I’d share some favs again. Of course they’re all from summer. I sometimes wonder how many more pictures would I have to deal with sorting/editing/printing if I lived in the sunny pretty lighting of California? Ha ha.

IMG_1318Baker’s and Watson’s little relationship is the most adorable thing. Like what is so funny? Ha ha.  I’d probably just cleaned the back hall and they were probably plotting and laughing about how they were going to empty all the lockers the second I turned my back. Ya, that’s prob it. :)

Haircuts! I avoid haircuts as long as possible, even taking the risk of certain grandmas (they are both guilty! Ha ha!) taking matters into their own hands and cutting some hair themselves! But come on, there’s FIVE boys with growing hair to cut. Lol. You’d put it off too. Plus it immediately makes them all look a year older which I hate. IMG_1318haircutKindergartener Boston and my breakdancing Van the night of his big show. Funny how proud a mom can be of her kids. Like seriously it’s out of hand. Ha! Like someone slap my I’m smiling so big.

IMG_1318strapsVan the day of his baptism with his new scripture satchel bag and leather journal from Indigo that I loved. His 8th birthday ended up being very leathery. Ha ha. Besides his scriptures, case and journal, he also got a leather tool belt and leather fanny pack for his pellet gun bullets. So manly. :) Love the pic of Watson trying to talk in the walkie talkie…if only he could talk. Or even say mama. Come on Watson, you’re nearly 2! Ha.

These donkeys at the Kalispell KOA were the nicest and cutest ever. So chill. For anyone wondering, the pool there is kind of half indoor/half outdoor, so most of it isn’t in the sun which isn’t as fun. And it isn’t as toddler friendly, but they have a delicious free yummy breakfast and free go karts which my boys thought was pretty much the greatest thing in the world. :) IMG_1318waterIMG_2419IMG_2428

Yes, the donkey ate the sucker. Stick and everything! Ha ha. IMG_2429

Donkeys so chill even Van man got brave enough to hop on! IMG_2436IMG_2439IMG_2476


He’s so humble. Ha. IMG_2500

Oh they have a fun little free mini golf course too. :)

We spent something like 24 nights in our trailer this summer and it was heavenly! I could definitely be a gypsy. IMG_2549

Finishing off with some quiet moments between a donkey and a mason jar lid. I’ve mentioned I finally replaced our 9 year-old Lappy laptop (I still miss it, but it gave me the black screen of death.) Anyways, in the midst of learning Lightroom, I lost the entire month of July’s pictures. I can’t even think about it it makes me so mad and sad and mad. JULY! By far the month I take the very very most pictures. Every single picture from our trip to Sandpoint, Idaho with the Heggies and every pictures from our trip to Wasa with the Lacey fam. I’m most sad about Sandpoint though. Ha. I had the cutest group picture of the mostly the whole family going out on a family fun run. And some fun ones of Derick and Landon (Lanny better come back and flex some more k Sam?) Ha ha. And a perfect one of Derick and Baker in a canoe at sunset. And the best ones taken on timer of our little family on the huge bridge that spans miles of the lake! It was such a cool bridge and fun place to run and we spent a lot of time up there. Sad and mad and sad. Waaaaaaa.

January 5, 2016 - 9:51 pm

leah - MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!! MORE pictures and MORE kids please, oh please!

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