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Slow September

Oh September, I shouldn’t like you because Derick has to go back to work, but I really, really do. Especially warm ones! It’s fun doing a million things all summer and tiring yourself out so much that you look forward to September. And kids who play make believe are just the greatest. Van earlier today walked by all dressed up with Baker sort of slugging behind him like a dog on a leash. He says, “He’s a shark, I’m helping him find his dad.” Ha ha. Okay then!


Ok fine, I miss you when you’re all dressed up cute like this! I’m a puddle! IMG_5439

First day of Grade 2 and kindergarten. Loved their excitement over their matching cool bro shirts. Ha ha. May have to hold onto those ones.


Bus stop love. IMG_5466
IMG_5478 (2)IMG_5482

Ha ha ha every time I put Watson in his chair off the counter I wonder, is today the day he is too heavy for it? Lol. IMG_5488

Just lots of September shenanigans! IMG_5500IMG_5501


Boston sat out in the garden forever digging up the rest of our carrots one evening. Yum. This was the October he wanted to be a carrot and he was loving all the garden carrots. Nothing more fun than ordering a little carrot costume and this year it was a banana. Hoping this cute trend continues! IMG_5567IMG_5575 Seriously that round face of yours Watson!! IMG_5645

Baker turning 4. He is the funnest person in the world to give a gift to. He overreacts like nobody’s business as you can see, hugging his backpack with pure joy. Ha ha.


All he wanted was a spiderman costume, and he’s put it to very good use. :) IMG_5702Ha ha ha these next couple pictures make me laugh every time! So many emotions huh Bakes? Scary candles anyways.IMG_5726IMG_5730 (2)

Derick should probably start teaching kindergarten because wow are they ever cute!!!

IMG_5763This rug is currently missing somewhere in my house and it’s driving me crazy. Ha ha. How do I misplace an entire rug?


The banana love continues. Same with the bro love.


Funny to be posting last year’s Halloween pictures on Halloween a year later. Ha ha. He literally wore all the same clothes this year, just a banana instead of a carrot. Lol. IMG_5938

First year no one was an owl! But one of my nieces was instead, so it was okay. Phewsh.  IMG_5950

The matching duo. Like peas and carrots. :) IMG_5989IMG_6021IMG_6030

Watson wearing the pea costume Van first wore. Same one I’d planned on putting the twins in as two peas in a pod when I was pregnant with them. Happy and thankful little rainbow Watson got to wear it. Man he’s cute.


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