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July 2014

Some street wheelers weekend action with little boys. Sitting so close to the road always scares me just a bit! This is the summer the boys got to ride in a convertible for the first time and they.were.mesmerized. It was pretty dang cute. Boston and Jolene’s boy Ozzy.


Van and Jolene’s oldest Jimmy. :) Playing little cars while all the big cars whiz by. IMG_3871

Baker passed out asleep at the river. IMG_3915

Snuck in an extra quick trip to my brother’s in Wasa this summer too. The things a girl can do on maternity leave! Cute cousin Brynn (who is way too grown up) sharing her artistic talents with Ava and Van who were loving it!IMG_3972   IMG_4094IMG_4098

Not sure if this picture of Baker and Jolene’s third boy Ben could be any cuter!! IMG_4131

We braved Frank Slide and the rocks on the way back, in flip-flops for me no less. I was lucky Aunt Leah took over my camera and got some cute ones of the cousins and boys on a rock. :) IMG_4202IMG_4206

I mocked Leah’s sunglasses this summer. Then the next summer I bought circle sunglasses. Ha ha. Eating my words and even admitting it on the blog Leah!! She’s always been ahead of the trends. Or I’m just way behind. Ha ha.

This little picture of cousins at KOA is one of my favourite! Too funny, all their little personalities. IMG_4317IMG_4374IMG_4408

Ordered this little inflatable canoe online for like $7 or something. I need like 20 more, it’s pretty awesome!IMG_4458IMG_4464IMG_4481IMG_4486

I’d appreciate it if you’d stop looking 14 years old Van, thanks. IMG_4494

Ha ha, the water there is not warm!! IMG_4500Hi hottie.
IMG_4523IMG_4532This little series of Derick and Baker just melts me. And makes me grin really big.  IMG_4541IMG_4543IMG_4545

Stinker trying to run away from my camera. IMG_4549

I can only imagine the cute things Baker was telling Watson. I miss his cheeks!!! They have the cutest little friendship, even though Watson still refuses to even say a single word, they have quite the conversations and fun. :) I overheard Baker tell Watson alone in his room just yesterday, “Stop crying Watson, I’m on YOUR side!” Ha ha ha. IMG_4552

December 6, 2015 - 9:51 pm

Linda Frost - OMG, Pam. These photos are awesome…the boys are so cute! Miss you. <3

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