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August 2014

It’s always so adorable when they’re so tired from swimming they just pass right out afterwards. Boston does seem to do it the most. :)


Hi dark blue-eyed baby boy!IMG_4563

How I love the swing! We didn’t have one with Van and I’m not sure how! He was a good baby though we must not have needed it. Ha. Or maybe we loved him more. ;) We had one on each floor with Watson, and Derick rigged them both to plug in and not need batteries thankfully or we would have gone through a LOT. IMG_4570

Boss dancing up a storm in Derick’s shop after watching an episode of SYTYCD? Ha ha. Can you see his sweaty forehead? It was like he just had MOVES that needed to get out. So funny. We should watch that more. IMG_4576

Sigh, when you’re on maternity leave you even have time to stop and take pictures by the oversized tractor after driving straight past it for like six years. Ha ha. Cute nephews with cute Aunt Leah. :) She just stayed at our place and watched all of our boys for a week! They had the best time, and so did we. Ha. Thanks again sista.


Forced pictures, two out of four cute, not bad.


That is one ROUND little face there Watts! Ha ha.


You can always count on Leah for music on the beach. Most of it too hip for me to recognize, but Baker’s hips don’t lie.

He has a special skill set. IMG_4844

I miss taking Van to hip hop!!IMG_4828

So my bro Kimball built this CRAZY floating dock that they can pull to the lake with a truck and put it in/out like a boat. Hilarious, no? And so so awesome. It was too windy this past summer to really enjoy the dock or the SUP board, making me look forward to next summer all ready! Dumb wind. IMG_4783IMG_4779

Love our annual Wasa fam picture! There’s three fair-haired kids in our family and three dark-haired, so it’s fun to see it come out in all the littles. :) I love that some of Jolene’s kids remind me of Uncle Boyd. Derick has some fair-haired sibs too, which is why I still can’t believe we only have ever made dark-haired kids, not to mention just BOYS, but I digress. Ha ha. (And I’m certainly not complaining).  IMG_4672

Leah took some pictures of everyone’s little families for my mom’s living room wall this Wasa trip. Six pinecones for six boys. :) Had to think on the spot.


Passed out asleep at a peaceful…mud bog. Ha. So loud! Good thing we had the thinnest gauze blanket there to protect his ears?


As usual, Oh Baker! Ha ha. This is actually September long weekend in the mountains. Cute blonde corn huskers.


Bakes just bein’ super proud of his luck in the boat races. IMG_5069IMG_5046IMG_5029IMG_5028IMG_5011

Derick ordered a giant pack of these glow sticks for one of the nights and it was pretty cute to see the kids excited about having so many. It was fun taking pictures of too. :) We turned some music on and it felt like a little family camping nightclub. Ha. IMG_4988IMG_4980IMG_4964

Just doing manly things in manly locations I guess. IMG_4955

Campy!! I’m happy to report I don’t miss Campy at all! Ha ha. We just had way too much fun in our trailer this summer. We spent something like 25 days total in it! Ha. Hey Watson thanks for not drooling anymore! And for continuing with your daily doses of cuteness. IMG_4939

We did come up with the idea to move a couple kids to the cab of the truck this trip though! Wish we’d thought of it years earlier! Made Campy a lot less crampy, and the boys loved it, and they had a place to play on the iPad and chill. My kids need quiet/down time…pretty sure I’ve taught them that habit. Ha ha. Almost done my 2014 posts! Then who knows what else a person could be capable of doing!! Lol.



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