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2014 is ovah!

Ok last 2014 post. Seriously how many times do you think a baby’s face is kissed over their little life? Ha ha. It’s like there’s magnets in their cheeks that just suck our faces right to them! Lol.


What a little baby doll. :) I had to take pictures of the kids in their outfits for the family picture I had painted for us for Christmas this year and this was Wattsy. :) IMG_6170

A very serious Spiderman. It’s not very often Baker is serious.


Primary Presentation day. I need to take more pictures of these four together! Every time I do they quickly become my favourite pictures, but seriously why is it so much work to make four kids smile or even look at once! Ha.


Had to include this one just for Boston. Ha ha. What a smooth operator.  IMG_6085

The birthday boy with a BIG balloon.


Watson why you tryin’ to look better than everyone at Boston’s party? IMG_6229

Baker baker happiness maker. IMG_6254

Little red teething cheeks. Man Watson you were a BEAR when you teethed! Like worse than any of your brothers, so congratulations. ;)IMG_6399

You also learned to climb a lot faster than your bros! We kind of just let you figure stuff out, your balance is uncanny, you know, for a miniature fatso. Ha ha. IMG_6420

What ya’ doing, Baker? Ha ha.


We gave Watson and Baker these bouncy inflatable donkeys for Christmas. (Best.toy.ever.) He wasn’t too sure about his gift if you can’t tell. Ha ha. IMG_6528

Still trying to decide if they can be friends or not. IMG_6526

Baker sad Santa didn’t bring him any “fast shoes”. Ha ha. Poor guy had to wait all the way until September to get a pair of fast shoes of his own! IMG_6538

Derick built these cutest little lego houses for the boys last Christmas. The boys have LOVED them and it makes me so happy when an idea works out and ends up being worth the time it took to put together!


Of course we did what any loving family would do with Watson, and we kept forcing the donkey in his face for more reactions. Ha ha.

Oh no, not this smily a$$ again. And I was having such a good time.


Nope, nope I don’t.


Ya, we are not friends at all!IMG_6591

You guys are all jerks! Ha ha. IMG_6594IMG_6578

Finished off the year with some Whitefish fun. :) These boys got to sleep out on the couch for the first time, and I think they felt big. Dang, they are big. IMG_6631

Watson is obsessed with toothbrushes and also with just eating the kids’ toothpaste. Ha ha. Didn’t learn that one from me. Ha!IMG_6731

Henry and Baker, can’t even handle it. IMG_6696

Also loving this cute trio of cousins who can play in that hot tub like nobody’s business! IMG_6657IMG_6634Ok, done. :) 2014 in a day. Feels good. Like maybe I can figure out how to get 2015’s edited pics out of Lightroom now. Lol. Happy Halloween! :)

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