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2014 in 2015

I’m just finishing the journaling on our family’s 2014 photo album, and as I was moving the pictures onto our hard drive to clear room for 2015 I thought, hey, I should BLOG! Ha ha. My old laptop (affectionately known as Lappy) died a few months ago. It was sad. It was 9 years old. I couldn’t even shoot raw on my camera because Lappy couldn’t handle the files. Lol. So after a few months, I’m back in business! Still getting to know new Lappy. We still aren’t as tight as I’d like to be, but it’s coming.

Anways, here’s just a few random favourites from last year. :) Van, turning 7! Your toothless grin and the giant smile on your face when you got dirtbike “armour” was priceless. And now Boston turns 7 this November. Wow.


Also, I don’t have any of my old photoshop actions loaded to resize my pics for the blog. So until then, you’re getting what ProPhoto resizes them to which is either quite large, or tiny tiny. I went with quite large. Funny (now) to see the house not finished. Ha. IMG_2060


The boys on Easter Sunday in their vests and ties. Not sure I could ever have enough brown-haired boys in my life! Luckily for me looking back at baby pictures of Watson isn’t making me sad. Lol. Babies are hard work! I love the toddler stage. Just need to figure out a way to handcuff Watson to his crib at night though. Ha ha.


At Police Lake May long doing some fishing and s’more eating. I love how Baker always ends up with food in the funniest places. Lol. Except stuck in my rug. That’s not funny at all. IMG_3124

They have so much fun together when they play I USUALLY don’t even mind when half the tub of water is all over the floor. Usually. Or when they get out after being in their 45 minutes and their hair is still dry? Lol. Like they think bath time is just for play and has nothing to do with actually washing anything. Ha ha.


We started off the summer with a trip to Wally’s. It was too long ago. I don’t remember anything. Ha ha. Looks like we had fun though. Lol.


Watson and Grandma being cute.


Loving this picture of the grandsons. :) Loving the matching hiked leg of Boston’s and Henry’s shorts…and can’t beat Henry’s face. So unsure of Baker’s love he so freely gives. Ha ha!


June 15, 2014 was my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and after MUCH planning (read arguing on BBM ha ha), we finally decided on some surprise plans. Kimball built this awesome swing for their front porch, and then a few of us stayed up quite late the night before burning everyone’s names into it. It turned out perfect, and when they walked in the house from church there we were, it was pretty fun! They’re pretty cute. :)

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