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10 Years

So today is mine and Derick’s 10-year anniversary! Though we’d always planned on being on our first cruise during our 10-year, plans change, and I think we made a good trade for our sweet little (breastfeeding) baby Watson. I was mentioning to a friend the other day how back when we were dating, never in a million years would I have wondered if Derick would make a good partner to experience the most terrible heartbreak of my life with. You sure don’t have those thoughts when you’re falling for someone. Man am I thankful it turns out Derick is the most wonderful guy to share a broken heart with.

And today I’m thankful we didn’t just happened to make it to ten years, but we managed to have kept them a very happy ten years, especially in our tenth year against all odds. I’ve always said that I won the husband lottery with Derick! Here’s some steamy pictures that I hadn’t shared yet from this photoshoot in Kelowna in 2012. ;)


And since I never gush about Derick on his birthday or Father’s Day, I figured today would be okay to go on a little about him! :) Other than your typical awesome-dad/husband qualities he of course has, here’s a few unique qualities of Derick’s I love. He does almost all of the cooking, stuffed mushrooms, coconut thai chicken, lemon dill salmon, you name it! :) (I hope to contribute more in this department during my mat leave!)  He gets up with Van and makes their breakfast and packs lunches for them both every day. Any time I wear high heels, he gives me a foot massage as his token of thanks. Lol. He doesn’t complain ever when we take family pictures, not even during the part where we get ready and I try out a billion outfits on everybody first.


 He watches Downton Abbey and Vampire Diaries with me (and enjoys them!). (And I watch Walking Dead with him in return. Ha ha.) He’s so selfless I literally have to force him to spend any money on himself. He’s ridiculously good at being ruggedly handsome, (and not knowing it). ;) He’s the kindest most sensitive guy I know, which makes him one of the few males who is actually well-suited to teach grade one elementary! Which is good, because 6 year-old crushes I can handle. ;) He’ll hold pictures up on the wall so I can see what it would look like there and move the furniture around in a room a million times with only very little complaining. Ha ha.7G4C8599

He’s awesome to shop with whether it’s antiques, all day at the mall or our third trip to Target in two days, and he is willing to wear most anything I pick out for him. (I particularly love all the colors he’ll wear, giving the kids a manly role model when I’m dressing them in pastels!) If I come home something new for myself, he makes a big deal out of it making sure I try everything on for him. He does nothing more than roll his eyes when I buy my umpteenth throw pillow or have a mile-long list of things that won’t even fit in our truck from kijiji when we get to Lethbridge. He laughs with me instead of being mad when the thinnest, smallest baby blanket ever starts out being $40 but ends up being $100 after taxes, shipping and delivery charges! Lol.


Whatever I dream up for the house renovations, he makes happen. Even if I’ve added ten details that slow the entire thing way down that he has no experience doing at all. He gets up with our babies if ever I ask!! He’ll even do bottle feedings if he can tell his tired breastfeeding wife could use a break. He takes the time to put shoes on Watson even if he thinks it’s totally useless. :) After he sees the matching-ish clothes I’ve picked out for the boys on Sundays he gets them dressed then tries to dress himself to match. :) He cleans toilets!! And maybe my very favorite thing, (besides the toilets), he tries his darndest to stay up for as long as he can listening to me talk his face off every night until I finally just let him fall asleep! :)


Download Here. Font credit: Mountain Retreat

One night in Calgary after he’d left way too late on a Sunday night to drive home, I was laying in bed thinking about how together we were balancing everything really well, and how I was grateful for the good team we made. He understands the things that are important to me, and I understand what’s important to him, and we both work to make sure neither one of us is ever sacrificing too much or getting too worn out without stopping to enjoy themselves now and then. I had the thought, “I’m glad we’re us.” Ha ha. Then I quickly texted that to him, and since I knew that sounded odd, I followed up with, “I like being you and me.” for clarification. :) And luckily he understood my weirdness, and the rest of that night I just couldn’t help but think I was so grateful for who Derick is, and who I am, and who we are together. A little later I decided to type it up, print it out and frame it for fun on our anniversary. Then I had the thought maybe there’s other people who like being themselves too! Ha ha. So here it is to download and print off yourself if you’d like. :) It’s 10X8. Happy Anniversary to everyone! Thanks for indulging me today. :)

March 6, 2014 - 3:40 pm

rhonda - Got me a little teary eyed :) Lovely. Love that you have each other!

March 6, 2014 - 10:20 pm

Leah Lorna Lacey - uggggghhhh you guys are actually the cutest pair I ever did meet! I loved this and I love you two lots and lots and especially together! Happy ten year anniversary to the best decision you both ever made too! :o)

March 6, 2014 - 10:21 pm

Samantha Jane Heggie - So stiking cute Pam! Totes printing this!

March 6, 2014 - 10:21 pm

Samantha Jane Heggie - So cute Pam!

March 6, 2014 - 10:50 pm

Amelia Crippen Low - You two are the perfect match and those photos were adorable. I loved them! I think I will have Justin read this post so he will try harder to love shopping without complaining. And I love the “you wear heels, I’ll rub your feet” agreement you guys have. You can tell you REALLY do love each other truley.madly.deeply. HA! Happy Anniversary and have so much fun in Kalispell! It’s almost like a cruise! ;)

March 7, 2014 - 12:57 pm

Linda Frost - you guys are too cute, Pam and Derick! Miss you! Congratulations on Baby Watson! He’s beautiful. I love to read your blog and love the photos! Paul and I are thinking of going to Seattle next year…I was looking at a map and saw Lethbridge isn’t too far…well, it is, but maybe we can meet in the middle <3 Happy Anniversary!

March 8, 2014 - 12:44 am

Susannah Tom O'Brien - You can go on a cruise for your 20th! That’s what Tom and I are doing next month for ours. It will be our first cruise and we are going through the Panama Canal. Happy Anniversary!

March 8, 2014 - 3:14 am

Julie Kelso - You guys are an amazing couple. Derick is obviously one in a million. Happy Anniversary!

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