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Canon 50mm f1.2 L For Sale!

I’m posting this with completely torn and mixed feelings!! I’ve been on the fence for at least a year now, wanting to try a new wide-angle lens, but I didn’t know whether to invest in the L series 35mm and make that my primary lens or just get a cheaper one, as a second lens to my 50mm. The only thing I knew was that I couldn’t own TWO L series lenses. Ha ha. If I was in the photography business, that’d be different, but I don’t really enjoy it anymore (just too many other things to do!), so can’t justify owning two fancy top-of-the-line lenses financially! I hummed and hawed, and basically did nothing, because as much as I wanted the 35mm L lens, I didn’t feel like I could sell my precious 50mm that I’ve loved so much!!

And then Derick went ahead and got all sweet and surprised me with the 35mm L lens for my birthday! I think he felt bad for me being stuck in Calgary. Lol. And yes, my birthday was January 23rd, so it’s STILL taken me weeks to decide what to do, and I’ve finally decided to force myself to sell my 50mm. I love them both really, and I know I’d be happy keeping either one as my primary lens, and that’s what it’s come down to! So I decided to try out the new 35mm, it’s kind of fun to force yourself to look through your lens differently now and then. :) So here I am, selling my precious nifty fifty! Hope I don’t regret it….ha ha.


And like in the past, I wanted to give my blog readers a chance at it before I posted it anywhere else. I’m asking $1200 firm for now. To buy it new at McBain in Lethbridge, it’s $1749.95 + tax. To buy it new on B&H in the states it’s $1619 + tax USD and duty CSD. There were no used ones for sale anywhere in Alberta for a price comparison. Of course this makes me panic thinking I’m making a huge mistake all over again, because the bottom line is that nobody sells their 50mm f1.2L! I digress.IMG_1450

I originally bought it in 2011, so it’s only three years old, and since I’ve never shot professionally, it’s truly hardly even used. It also comes with the heliopan Digital ES 72 UV filter which is $131.99 USD. Though in full disclosure, the metal ring of the filter and its glass have just come loose from each other in the last six months. It still works exactly the same, just makes a small rattle noise if you shake it a bit. Will definitely do the job just fine until you feel like buying a new one, or works perfectly fine as is too. The lens has had this filter on it since I got it, so the 50mm glass has always been protected.

I’m having separation anxiety! If you’re interested, act fast before I change my mind! Kidding. Not kidding. ;) I still have the original box, lens hood, and caps that came with it too. I’ll put it on kijiji soon enough if it doesn’t sell here, so feel free to make me an offer, I just may wait a little bit before I consider taking lower offers is all. Thanks!!

March 21, 2014 - 12:44 am

Allegra Eyre George - Ah man…. you’re both hot! hahaha. Adorable, I mean. And so perfect for each other. He sounds like the perfect dude. Any guy that cleans toilets is heaven sent. I gotta get Dan to jump on that bandwagon! Happiest of anniversaries to you guys. You deserve to be SO so happy.

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