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Yep, I am the proud mama of six boys! :) And not just any ordinary six boys either! Just look at how sweet and squishy and perfect baby Watson is. It’s actually quite comical really, how many times can parents be handed the same baby after delivery? Lol. For some reason some of our family members thought we’d secretly found out the sex of the baby and just hadn’t told anyone. Ha ha. But nope! And I’ll admit, even we were surprised that it was actually possible for us to seemingly just keep having the same baby! But at the same time…not surprised at all. ;)IMG_1584

I took these first few pictures at 7 days old.  And when I say ‘few’, I mean ‘few’. :) Newborn photography isn’t my strong point…it takes way too much patience to pose and wait for the babies to be super sleepy! He was 6 lbs 12 oz (the first three boys were 8 and 9 lbs), and Watson actually just slept for the first two weeks, and it has been lovely!! He’s exactly what I needed after over seven long weeks away from home. :)IMG_1588

He really is as sweet as he looks! I thought I’d also include a small update on how the delivery went. It took just under two hours because turns out I also had placenta accreta, which is a ‘severe obstetric complication involving an abnormally deep attachment of the placenta to the middle, muscular layer of the uterine wall, without penetrating it.’ This meant it may be impossible to extract the placenta without causing life-threatening blood loss, which is why regular ‘treatment’ for accreta is an emergency hysterectomy. Happily though, I was in the right place being the Foothills Hospital, with high-risk ob-gyns that had lots of experience with accretas, and they were able to remove the placenta and stop the bleeding! (The two keys to avoid the hysterectomy). Hanging around Calgary for 7 weeks paid off! I did lose 50% more blood than the average delivery, but I didn’t lose enough to need transfusions thankfully.IMG_1594

So though accreta is scary and was just what we were hoping wasn’t going to happen, it did end well considering all the different directions things could have gone! I was greenish (not a good look) and very weak for the first 7-10 days or so from the blood loss, but it’s gotten better since then.IMG_1616

He finally started opening his eyes a bit after about a week. The other boys were wide awake and ready to go right from the start, so we’ve really been soaking up Watson’s chillness. :)IMG_1724

And these last few with me in them were taken by Leah who spoils me with her willingness to photograph my family! I just really wanted a few with me and Watson together, so that’s all we went for, and I love each one of them so much!IMG_1790

Snug as a bug in a bear-shaped…blanket. :) In love with this blanket my parents made me. I had bought the material before I ended up having to stay in Calgary, I had planned to sew it myself, but definitely didn’t feel up to it later in the pregnancy (and my mom sort of itches to make her grand babies blankets!). Lol. I drew a pattern, and her and my dad tag teamed to put together the blanket for me, and they did a great job, and it means lots more to me now too. :)mintchair

I feel like the top left picture really shows more what Watts will look like when he grows up. :) He definitely has a few more Lacey features we think…but I’m hoping he scored some of his dad’s good genes as well. Ha ha. So far it’s really looking like he has his dad’s blue eyes. And the picture bottom left is by far my favourite. :) It’s exactly what everyone in our family does with baby Watson…nuzzle his ridiculously soft skin! It’s completely addicting, and I bust Van doing it all the time. Ha ha. Boston pets his hair, Van nuzzles his face, and Baker forgets his name and tells dad, “give the baby to mom!” Lol.nuzzle

My doctor (who I loved) wanted me checked into the hospital at 36 weeks, because they usually don’t let previas carry past then due to the high risk of bleeding complications, but she and I really hoped and felt good about trying to get me to 37 weeks so we could avoid the NICU. I was very grateful to her for this and happy to make it to our scheduled date! So he was born Friday, January 31st, at 37 weeks, and I took some extra pain meds for the bumpy ride home and gloriously checked out of the hospital on Sunday! :) I unfortunately had to head back to work the following Friday, because I didn’t have my 600 hours yet in order to get another maternity leave, but I’m happy to report that I officially reached exactly 600.25 hours on my due date! (That’s Canada’s cut-off date if you want to qualify for the whole year of benefits still). Phewsh! Really looking forward to some serious down time with my family…about a year’s worth. :) Sounds dreamy…kinda’ like Baby Watson.


February 25, 2014 - 4:38 pm

rhonda - oh my heck he is so cute!!!!! Love love love these. Congrats and I am SO happy everyone is good and okay! Enjoy!

February 25, 2014 - 10:05 pm

Amelia Crippen Low - Why’s you do that .25 of an hour? ;) he is so so so adorable. Beautiful pictures. So happy for you!

February 25, 2014 - 11:53 pm

Whitney Davis - So glad it all went well and he is here safe and sound. The nurse in me was worried sick about you for so long! And I am so happy you got your 600 hours in time! That is my number one priority the whole time I’m preggo, I worked my butt off so I could go off 10 weeks early this time.
He is adorable and we couldn’t be happier for your family!

February 26, 2014 - 5:50 pm

Julie Kelso - My niece was telling me about maternity leave up there, she just had a baby a little over a month ago. It’s wonderful that you got your hours in and that all went well. No wonder you weren’t up to coming to the funeral. Yeesh, you certainly know how to put the drama in delivery. So glad you are okay and home with your precious family.

March 21, 2014 - 12:48 am

Allegra Eyre George - I enjoyed these SO much. so happy that he is here and honestly one of THE cutest babies I’ve ever seen! I can smell him from here it seems. Or at least I want to. Babies smell so good. He’s precious. Congrats and beautiful beautiful photos! Hope you’re doing well.

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