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2012 Yearbook


My scrapbooking fell behind in 2013 as it was a tough year, but I did finish up our 2012 Yearbook and photographed parts of it before I found myself stuck in Calgary jail as I have started referring to it. :) Now I’m sitting here in the hospital killing time, what better time to share? This year was the first I printed things at Persnickety Prints in Utah. Above is how my pictures came to me…I still printed my 4X6s at Costco. I loved all the different sizes you could choose, no more uploading and resizing things in Photoshop. And really, not THAT much more money, and a time saver! I figured all the time I spent archiving our family’s history this way, I deserved a little break. Ha.


Forever grateful (especially this year) I have such a practical system for scrapbooking the boys’ personal books! So easy to keep up with. Here’s Boston’s two-page spread from ages 3 to 4. The pages yes, always look crammed, FULL of pictures and writing, but I like them that way! I pretty much have a binder with some things stuffed in it from my childhood. :) These boys are lucky to have these books with their mom’s (and dad’s sometimes) journaling all over it. Even if it is squished!7G4C4059

I’ve included some of the pictures I actually scrapbooked for the yearly album too. Totally hit or miss what ends up getting scrapbooked. Depends on how much I love the pictures and how much time I have. I’ve probably included about two-thirds of what I ended up doing in the whole book?IMG_0595

Oh baby Baker with his soother still!! Lol. LOVE these two pictures below. My handsome boys make me swoon! :)IMG_0598

Some shots of some of the regular spreads. I’ve thought every year of ordering the actual Project Life stuff…maybe one year. Ha ha. It just comes with more scrapbooking stuff than I think I need if that makes sense…I pretty much just fill the book with pictures. Not every spread has a scrapbooked card, and mostly only have one. If there’s more, it’s because I messed up in printing the right amount of pictures!IMG_0599

Below is a bunch of iPhone pictures. This year I printed them differently. Hope it turns out, they’re still in the mail! Another thing I was able to accomplish during my imprisonment. :)IMG_0600

I’ve always loved how the Christmas spreads just inevitably look so darn Christmassy even without the added scrapboook stuff.IMG_0601

Pretty sure all my sleeves came from We R Memory Keepers again. Another reason why I haven’t quite switched to Project Life, I love all the different combos I have with sleeves from other places…and it seems like I fit more pictures into my two-page spread that way too. Then again, I’ve never really done that good of research either. Ha ha. Someone enlighten me if there’s something I’m missing!!IMG_0602

The Superhero spread below is one of my favourite examples of how I scrapbook. Ha ha. I don’t even really like how it turned out! But I also don’t really care, because the pictures are printed, on the page, with their mom’s journaling, and that’s all that matters to me in the end. I scrap so fast, not really planning anything or “visualizing” anything, that most the time, it looks like I sort of just threw it together. Most of the time I did! Ain’t nobody got time for perfection!! I enjoy it, but not enough to miss out on other things in life and fall behind on it because of perfection. I mean look at that awesome Superman ‘S’. Ha ha. Not very awesome at all! Doesn’t matter one bit. :)IMG_0605

Derick graduated!! Big day for us…for anyone I’m sure. :) So proud of Mr. Heggie. So fun seeing him teach and move onto the next phase of our lives…the one where I get to slow down and spend more time being a mom in. :) I loved working so much and providing for the family, it’s so extremely satisfying to me it’s strange, but kids are growing up, and the plan was always to slow down at this point, and I can’t wait! (After this baby’s maternity leave starts it will really begin.) :) Still not sure about the cooking part of that deal though….good thing teachers get home so early. Ha ha.IMG_0606

Cute boys in Grandma’s tub. I can remember giving baby Van a bath in this tub, Derick thought it would be fun to turn the jets on. Pretty much scared the CRAP out of baby Van. Ha ha.IMG_0607

Love this picture of the kids at cute Henry’s baby blessing! They had this big tree there with handles to climb it…totally going to do that to our trees out back. Cutest idea!IMG_0608

The next two spread are random…again. :) Letters to my boys. Sometimes I get super paranoid since I don’t write in my actual journal enough so I try and get more personal in my scrapbooking. Dreading the day the boys leave me, no matter how much I want them to escape Alberta and see parts of the world! I think I’ll buy a motorhome and follow them all around…IMG_0609IMG_0610

Pretty sure the “stud” layout is my favourite. :) So summery…and no better word to describe our rugged, handsome Boston in my mind!IMG_0611IMG_0612IMG_0613IMG_0614

Looking forward to getting my 2013 pictures in the album and scrapbooked. Looking forward to finally meeting this baby and taking it HOME!!! Seven weeks and counting…

April 27, 2014 - 2:19 pm

Micah - Oh my word…… Your scrapbooking is AMAZING. Seriously. Where so you get those we r memory keepers pages from. I love the layouts.

April 27, 2014 - 2:32 pm

Micah - Ok never mind I just saw your 2011 post and found the source. I’m totally copying your method of memory keeping. I love to paper scrapbook but it’s difficult to do every single page? Ain’t nobody got time for that? Thanks for sharing

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