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One Year

One year ago today we met our handsome little boys Shepard Fred and Deacon Bennett. One of the hardest things about having our two boys in heaven is trying to think of how to fill our home with them in loving ways on earth. I want their presence to be felt many places and in many ways. Spiritually, emotionally, happily, and in just plain cute ways. This can be especially hard when you’ve lost someone so quickly. In my ‘two red balloons‘ post, I shared some of the things we did and were lucky to have from our time with them, but I really wanted to do something special each year on their birthday, January 14th, not only for the twins, but somehow for others too.


It’s weighed on my mind that maybe others also don’t have much to be reminded of their sweet little ones they’ve lost, so I finally decided I wanted to design a free piece of digital children’s art every year that could be printed and framed. Stylish (hopefully!) decor that could remind families of their loved ones in heaven. I’m sure it will change over the years, but in one way or another, the prints will hopefully always be sweet, cheery, colorful and playful. :)  Somehow reminding us of our adorable twins, but at the same time also serving as just a cute piece of children’s art, so anyone at all could hang them if they’d like. I plan to have mine printed on 8X8 canvas, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out, or maybe I’ll put it in a special frame that I switch out every year. We’ll see. :)


You can click the links below, and download a free high resolution 8X8 print just like what’s shown above for a boy or below for a girl. And for those who think they’d like to frame one in their home with their own loved one’s name custom written in the string, (also free), just email your special order to me at Make sure and include how many balloons you need and the correct spelling of the name you’d like the string to say. I’m thinking the print really only has room for either one or two balloons? A really small gesture that I hope can bring even the tiniest bit of warmth to someone else.

Click here to download boy print   and    click here to download girl print.


Shepard and Deacon, what a year it’s been. It’s hard with the new year hearing everyone happily and innocently reflecting on 2013 and excitedly looking forward to 2014. For us, 2013 was mostly just hard, and that year will have an emotional rippling effect on every single year to come. This new life feels so incredibly difficult. Our love for you is so complete, even though our hearts feel so incomplete. You are perfect, and you have sacred responsibilities that you are trusted with in heaven. This makes us so overwhelmingly proud to be your parents and brothers! We hope we can somehow make you just as proud of us. Happy Birthday our sweet ones.

January 14, 2014 - 7:36 pm

Jennie Holt - Happy birthday to those sweet sweet boys. Love them and you guys! The balloons are so cute and a perfect way to remember them.

January 14, 2014 - 9:37 pm

Brandi Rollins Harris - You are amazing Pam!! You have such a gift for expressing yourself through the words you write. Thanks for inspiring us all with your strength and your desire to choose happiness.

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