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I need to share my first blog design I finished for the ProPhoto store this past year because they just released their latest update, ProPhoto 5. So now my blog is no longer even available for purchase through them since it was designed for 4, and wasn’t selling hundreds of copies, ha ha. It did okay though for my first one, I was happy!


I’m super proud and love it still. Mainly because I started it before the twins even, and it was really hard to feel inspired enough to finish it, but my brain couldn’t rest with this unfinished project hanging around. It felt good to be done and see it for sale all official like. I also learned a lot as far as the logistics of designing a template and working with the ProPhoto team (which I LOVED). They really just are the best! Hands down.


And I knew from the start the design had a more unique/individual pull to it, but I went with it anyways because that’s what I was vibing. :)


I’m in love with the color palette, and I also enjoyed designing for myself! Except now I’m going to have to try and design for the masses. We’ll see how it goes!


I bet most everyone thought I’d quit this stuff…I probably should. Lol. I’m still enjoying it though when it’s all said and done. I do look forward to learning new skills, but I need a new computer and software for that, oh yeah and some extra time! There’s a season for everything I guess. And if only I could check updating my own blog’s design off the list?!

Picture-7You can actually view the blog live here. I could also technically still sell it if I felt like figuring out how to let people purchase it right from my blogsite. Perhaps one day? Until then, I guess if you’re really interested, email me and let me know. :) It would be $100 and comes with some fun marketing extras too. And I hope to share a post shortly on how this current baby-growing has been going. It’s definitely been eventful! OH, and all the ridiculously adorable pictures you see on the blog are of course, from none other than the talented Leah Lorna!

January 18, 2014 - 11:07 am

Leah - don’t know how I missed this but still love it too! Wish it was mine!!!! ;)

April 9, 2014 - 5:31 pm

Lindsay Carr - I’m a proud owner of this design! I’m still working on customizing to my brand, but I’m happy with where it is right now. Thanks for the great design!

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