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Boys’ Rooms Update


For now this is still Boston’s room, but that should change in the next few weeks to be Baker’s room. Bakes doesn’t seem to sure about it yet though. Ha. And Boss and Van might as well be sharing for as much as they sneak into each others’ rooms at night anyways! It’s pretty cute…they play lego usually.IMG_0102

So nothing has been hung on the walls, just sort of was in limbo there for awhile. Will be fun to hang some things I think…was pretty nervous how the maroon color would turn out in here. I wanted to do a color somewhere, didn’t want the entire house to be pales and neutrals! I really love how it turned out, especially when I mix mint in there like I’d planned, and navy. Looks so cute together with the gray too. Love Boston’s dresser I got from Salvation Army. :) And check out that ridiculously cute little felt fire/marshmallow set sitting on the dresser! Talented Aunt Jennie of course made that for the boys last Christmas…my favourite present! Lol. And they play with it constantly.bossroom-1

Got his little metal desk and chair from kijiji..his nightstand too actually. Bedding is Target, and curtains are UO. I think the chair needs to be a touch smaller though..the desk is so cute and I love it, but a bit of an awkward size.IMG_0107

Van’s room is where I think I’ll have the two boys share soon. Hopefully everything fits in there good. : ) Bought this rug at Ikea for him on a whim because it looked like roads, and I knew the boys would love driving their cars on it, and I was right. :) Not the cutest ever, but worth it for the fun of it.IMG_0108

So my dad helped me refinish this dresser and the nightstand to match his art desk we made him last Christmas. Three totally random styles of furniture that I think sort of look like a cute little set now. :) Still have a few handles to install…IMG_0111

His desk is missing some knobs too, but has been the best thing ever for this crafty kid. He spends so much time here!! Again, will be nice to finally hang some things on the wall…like some shelves for extra storage above it.IMG_0112

Van put together a little collage you can just see sitting on his nightstand. Three pictures of Christ with little children (he got from church), and a picture of Shepard and Deacon we gave him. All on his own. What a sweet little boy. :)vanroom

The dresser and desk combined were $40 off of kijiji…I’m an addict. Ha ha. We did buy some wood for the craft desk, I’ll post more details about it one day when it’s completely done! His curtain is from PBK…the LAST ones at that color/length available too hopefully they restock at some point or I’ll be forever annoyed that lonely curtain doesn’t have a mate!IMG_0128

The hallway…fun place for the boys to play and for me to pile things on top of that bench that’s never that clean. :)hallway

The kids’ bathroom, behind that little black door is the “secret room” we call it. Just a tiny attic crawl space we finished with carpet for the kids to play in.IMG_0120

Love this little angled wall in the bathroom…want to do something fun here. Still need to finish caulking this place, probable after the new cabinets are installed.IMG_0130

And this last picture pretty much sums up the rest of our house right now! Plywood floors, doorways missing doors, and lots of holes in the walls. The boys love it, riding their bikes all over the place, and the only thing I see when I look at this picture right now is the fact that that’s a new floor. :) It used to be about three feet lower than that, and this past summer Derick took out the old floor and raised it up, so we didn’t have this giant sunken room in the middle of the house anymore. Much better flow, and ready for a new fireplace too! He’s been working hard on getting the main floor done…hopefully we’ll be doing drywall fixes soon, then molding, paint, and then FLOORS! I miss flooring…lol.

December 13, 2013 - 3:46 am

Amelia Crippen Low - Yay! Now I don’t have to come visit you to see the house! ;) Just kidding! So different without the fireplace and with the raised floor! Fun!

December 13, 2013 - 3:46 am

Amelia Crippen Low - An I think that is AWESOME they can ride their bikes in there!! I wish!

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