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Master & Babies’ Room Update


It’s been over six months since we’ve been enjoying the feeling of carpet underneath our feet again, so I guess it was high time I take some decent pictures of all of Derick’s hard work. Above is the view when entering the master bedroom…my favourite place in the house. :) Love the mini little hallway our bedroom has. Derick just put up a cute little $5 vintage light in there too I’ll have to instagram soon.IMG_0071

I have a feeling the temporary clothing racks will be there for at least another year, but probably more. Which is fine, one day there will be a beautiful built-in tucked neatly into the angled wall. :) My bed pretty much has a random whack of pillows. I’ve been collecting them there since there’s really nowhere else in the house right now to even put pretty pillows! You can see the beginnings of a color scheme at least. :)IMG_0080

Random furniture is just lined up for now. So much stuff is still in the basement. Also still working on what curtains to invest in for here! I was finally ready to pull the trigger on some Anthro ones that were on sale, and then of course they were sold out. :( Starting over…IMG_0083

Love the look of this angled entrance into the main part of the room…Derick added a lot of trim in here. All the trim you see around everything…even the peaks. Really made the peaks pop. You can see Derick’s closet there to the right, with my white robe hanging on one of the doors. And some may notice our bathroom doesn’t have a door. :) We’re not a closed-door couple. Lol. And I personally just think en suite doors are just ALWAYS in the way! BUT we will be installing a cute barn-sliding door just to the left of it where you see a thermostat…so it can slide over and block out the light when Derick showers early in the morning!IMG_0085

The bed and those two windows right behind it make for an awkward space! The bed was originally meant to be on the other wall I think? But then it would be covering that window…and I like laying in bed and looking out the window to see mountains and rolling hills anyways. :) I’m going to wallpaper the wall behind the bed and inside the peaks/indented parts of the walls too…add curtains, something above the bed…should look good I hope! And make it feel more tied together/less awkward.IMG_0087

The only thing staying in the bathroom will be the floor and the sink/faucet/toilet. And if you look close, the wall color changed in here. We originally painted the whole upstairs a light cream, but it looked way too yellow in some rooms (despite all my tests), but I loved it in the bathrooms and the babies’ room for some reason, not yellow at all, so I left it there.IMG_0089

And a shot of the roof…the star of the whole show! And can’t forget to mention he epoxied in between every.single.board you see on the ceiling! Made it look brand new though!master-1

The floor in the bathroom is just linoleum. I’m actually extremely proud of the bathroom floors because since we accidentally ordered two feet less than we should have for the two rooms, we had to piece it together like crazy to keep the pattern and make it look like one big piece. Major puzzle/math skills at work! LOVE linoleum in bathrooms! WAY warmer than tile…and warmer looking too. Just makes it all feel more cozy if you ask me. :)IMG_0091

So the babies’ room. I thought I was so sneaky when I’d show people the progress on the house when I was pregnant with the twins, saying, “this is the babies’ room,” so plural babies. Of course knowing they heard, “this is the baby’s room,” just one baby. :) My geeky grammar captioning background coming through! Ha. We’ve sort of never stopped calling it the babies’ room, because then in my mind, I’m still referring to it as the twins’ room, which it will forever be the twins’ room I think. Of course it will be the new baby’s room too. We just put Baker there because who knew what was happening next with our family, though I did debate leaving it empty for a time.IMG_0096

It’s obviously just got some stuff randomly sitting in it. The original design scheme I had picked out for it would have morphed more boyish/girlish depending on what the twins were, and now I just feel unsure about continuing with it for this next baby. Though, since I had the wallpaper picked out for this room just for the twins, I think I will still go with the wallpaper…just seems right I guess. Have to order it before the next little one arrives!babyroom-1

The wallpaper will go above the wall with the wood paneling on it, and on the entire wall that the crib is up against for now. It’s funny, we first bought that Ikea dresser in here a few months after we were married. Derick sunk a whack of brad nails into it this last move as it was totally falling apart. I know I should probably graduate from this old thing, but I’m VERY attached to it! I can’t even bring myself to paint it…I’ve been wanting to do a fun dresser project though and I think it’s just the candidate. I just need some time to get used to the idea. Ha ha.IMG_0098

We’ll see how this light gray carpet works out. I had a hard time choosing carpet/paint colors, but overall, I love love love how it turned out. Doesn’t feel like too much gray at all since the walls are nearly white anyways and there’s lots of different feature walls to break it up too. If you look close around the door in the above picture, you can just see the cream paint again. Where it will be eventually wallpapered was left white, so you can see the subtle difference there. JUST right. :)

December 7, 2013 - 4:41 am

Julie Walch Browne - Love that Nate Burkus bedding. I am kicking myself for not buying it. Derick is so talented. Chuck needs to morph into a handy man.

December 13, 2013 - 3:51 am

Amelia Crippen Low - All that painting for nothing?! ;) I love that yellow chair in your room! ANd the color scheme. And I really like those peaky windows! Derick did such a good job on your master bedroom.

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