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August Fun


We were able to go to Wasa again with my family and had just as much fun as always. :) My parents bought a paddleboard to play on and everyone loved it! Mostly anyways. :) Some Lacey family members were better balanced than others. Even my parents gave it a go!7G4C5958

Couldn’t get enough of my boys in their matching little suits!7G4C6008

Fun family picture! Except why does it have to be torturous at times to get them together for it??? Huh, family?? :) I love how Boston is reaching for the water gun, but not breaking eye contact. (I just accidentally hit the space bar twice to get a period like you would on a smart phone. Ha ha.)


Fun Papa on the beach. “Perfecting” their sand castles.7G4C6040

Boston taking his SUP’ing seriously!7G4C60427G4C60527G4C6060

Love the expression below on Baker’s face. You can totally tell he’s telling someone what’s what! Probably something like, “you don’t know everything, Papa.” Lol.sand

I was not as balance-challenged. :) And yes, we raced, Derick and I won fastest couple. Oh ya!! He was fastest guy, but I unfortunately lost to my lightweight sister-in-law! Ha ha. But I did beat Leah!!paddle

I’m in love with each of the boys’ smiles right before their little ride with dad on his motorbike. Each of them so genuinely happy. Boston’s “trying-not-to-smile smile” is my favourite of his right now. :)7G4C60757G4C60787G4C6086

Boston is by far our best snuggler! He told Derick today he was a, “bed bug, because he liked napping so much.” He often asks me if he can have a nap! He especially likes to snuggle up on my couch in my office and snooze while I work. Van’s outfit here makes me laugh, I remember now telling him to wear his tank top on the gray reverse side, and he said, “I want to look like a Christmas tree because Christmas is awesome mom!” Or something like that. Lol. Kids are the best.lounge

Bakes ready to throw his water balloon at Uncle Kimball in the Cardston parade, and Boston sad his water balloon burst on him. My balloon actually connected with Kimball and then bounced right off, dangit!baloon

Why not some fleece dress-up play in the middle of summer?7G4C6141

We spent the last of summer pretty much down by our river. We really lacked in the beach toys department this year, but once we realized all they really needed was their monster trucks and some “ramps”, we were good to go. Van’s been watching these YouTube videos Derick found him of grown men with their fancy custom-built remote-controlled monster trucks going through sand and water, so of course, that’s what Van had to do!7G4C6159

And he also informed us that’s what he wanted for Christmas! Lol. In August!! I said, “Well, just because it’s on our list doesn’t mean Santa will for sure get it. He can’t always get us everything we ask for.” He answered, “Well then I won’t put anything else on my list, and then he can just surprise me with other stuff if he wants.” Ha ha. Van would be the one to write ‘surprise me’ on his list. :) I told him remote-controlled stuff (the video had jeeps, semi-trucks, tanks, you name it) was hard for Santa to get sometimes, and of course he said, “His elves can make anything mom. We’ll write him a letter early and they’ll have time.” Ha ha. Cute boy deserves whatever he wants I think. :) Those YouTube videos MESMERIZE him.7G4C61727G4C61947G4C6193

That’s our August. :) The boys also rode dirt bikes for their first time…pretty dang cute. We didn’t have a working boiler for just about the whole month, so the boys also got their “baths” at this mudhole often. :) Love my river!! I may or may not have dropped the term “fifth-generation local” once or twice to others while frequenting this spot with my kids. Lol. Crazy river girl, that’s me!

October 24, 2013 - 10:57 pm

Whitney - Where did you find those cute matching suits? Love them! I only wish my boys had half as much style as yours.

October 25, 2013 - 6:27 am

Marilee Halvorson - Those boys are growing up so fast!! Very cute pics!

October 25, 2013 - 3:50 pm

Amelia Crippen Low - I LOVE the black and white photo 4 from the bottom. It is adorable! ANd 2 from the bottom is great too. Van in his Daisy Dukes with the monster truck. Those suits are pretty cute. :) And that’s the river in the last few photos? I want to come play there with you next year!!

October 26, 2013 - 12:06 pm

Julie Kelso - Love the boys matching suits. Have you had bear trouble near the river where you are? I’d heard about some problems out by Kimball. Love your photography. You are super talented.

November 2, 2013 - 3:01 am

Allegra Eyre George - K, these boys in their matching suits are killing me. What beautiful boys, family, photos…place. Love this post

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