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Our July Journey


Here’s some of my favourite pictures from June and July. Feels so good to get things in the scrapbook and put together! Whenever I’m feeling stressed out, I make a list of things to do and go nuts until it’s all checked off, and it totally helps. :) I know my brain, it doesn’t relax until the (usually imaginary) list is checked off, and edit/print/scrap always seems to be on that list. Good thing I enjoy it. :) How cute are all these Heggie grandkids??7G4C5147

We scored Sorry for a few bucks at a thrift store on our little couples getaway to Spokane we took in June I think? Can’t even remember now…was just what Derick and I needed. Was supposed to be there for my 30th birthday in January, so we went and pretended my 30th birthday didn’t happen until we were able to go! I got to thrift, antique, and shop to my heart’s content. The only thing missing was bacon at the breakfast buffet. ;)7G4C5263

Bakes is killing me with his eyes trying to watch the pop go through the straw. It kept making him go cross-eyed but I couldn’t snag the right pic!father

Cute boys with their dad on Father’s Day. I hope one day they can understand how lucky they are to have Derick as their dad and to get to see him as much as they do. Both Derick and I had dads that worked later and rarely could take holidays. They follow Derick around the acreage like three little ducklings doing ‘work’ with him. This place was paradise for them the second they got here, can’t wait until it’s my paradise too! :)7G4C5344

Some quiet play time in the hallway for Baker and in Van’s room for Boston. Van’s room has the lego and he asked me the other day, “Can we keep the lego somewhere else so Boston and Baker don’t mess my room up?” Ha ha. Ya, like they’re the only ones that mess it up kid!7G4C5351

The kids played in two mudholes in our yard endlessly this summer…one is usually the sandbox, the other a firepit. Nothing better than a mudhole! They set up a track (by nailing a giant board to their playground) so their monster trucks would go off of their “jump” into the mudhole. Lol.7G4C5160

Planting flowers that so far didn’t really grow that great. :) Here’s hoping they all bloom next year!7G4C5198

We’ve been wanting to go on a road trip to Utah for a long time now in the summer, and figured this was the best fit for us since given we could all fit in the truck and everyone was a bit older so would do better on the road trip. The kids did awesome, was so proud of how little they complained. I don’t have many pictures, but we visited/stayed with old friends from high school, even was able to go to dinner with five (mostly Canadian) couples or so on Canada Day down there, the best night! Then we met up with our best friends from Pittsburgh (two pictures below, they live in Australia now but were in Utah visiting their family) who we hadn’t seen for over six years. Was SO FUN to see them again! Below is their parents’ amazing backyard rock pool…was seriously awesome!! Almost as awesome as Boston’s ‘backflip’. Ha ha.


We were there for July 4th, and we went to a little parade in their neighborhood that was just our style. :)7G4C5475

Some guy next to us was helping Baker get candy the entire time…always awesome when that happens! Ha. Less crazy mom out there trying to make sure all three boys get some…especially considering Van is afraid of picking up candy at parades. Too much pressure. :)7G4C5459

This iron man was awesome, I swear his entire costume was made from cardboard. Baker was the only one brave enough to stand by him. The older boys just stood there mouths open staring at him. Derick went across the street and got a sweet parade action shot of us. Lol.ironman

We visited some of Derick’s first cousins next, and luckily one of my good high school friends was able to meet us at the same lake they were boating at. Everything worked out really well, I’m still impressed with how much visiting/shopping/relaxing we fit into those six days! Below is Van with my friend Danaca’s little boy Stratton. Super handsome duo. :)7G4C54917G4C5509bubbles

Derick and some of his cousins. He has a lot of good memories hanging out with them over the summers growing up, so it was fun to get to visit them with our little family and let the next generation of littles play together. :) I’ll never forget one summer he came to a teen dance in Cardston and had just gotten back from visiting them and had one of those magnetic earrings on. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.7G4C5522 this picture below. It was after boating, waiting for Derick to pick us up. Boston is just the cutest being his silly self, I have NO idea where Van’s gangster pose is coming from? Must have been those Utah vibes. Ha ha. And Bakes in his diaper, watching Dad turn the truck around full of mom’s goods. :)7G4C5536

After getting stuffed to the brim with yummy food at Danaca’s house, we left for our 17-hour trek to Kelowna, BC. We were excited to stay in a hotel halfway there, because we’ve never stayed in one as a family before! We pulled in late, and there was a REALLY nice one for $200 and a just-renovated but cheap-looking one for $50. I really wanted to stay in the nice one, and we hummed and hawed in the parking lot. Lol. But then went for the $50, reminding myself what $150 extra spending money looks like. :) It turned out great, it was actually a nice renovation, and obviously the kids didn’t care. They thought this hotel thing was hilarious.7G4C5543

Then we spent a much needed week all alone just us five in Kelowna, BC. (The condo there is a sweet work perk.) Nothing but beaches, pools, and family game nights. (We found Operation and Guess Who at thrift stores in Utah.) I’ll admit, we drove a total of 40 hours in two straight weeks, we were happy to be home! And the middle three hours of the last days’ nine-hour drive got dicey, but other than that, it was great and I’m glad we did it. A super affordable way to get some family time in, and get away from the renovation for a bit so we could come back and focus on the house and Derick’s grade one class.7G4C5683

We spent much of the rest of July at the river and in the yard…we turned the ‘mudpit’ into a real firepit, and had fires every other night it seemed like for awhile there. Mostly to burn our garbage. :) Kids were in heaven.7G4C57187G4C5814

Oh, and our cats had three litters of kittens! Oh my. Country life.cats

End of July we were lucky enough to get a visit from the Aneca cousins…the boys love having cousin Jimmy sleep over. Please notice Boston’s “stick donkey”. Ha ha ha. We only had two stick horses, so mom improvised and he thought it was awesome. And that’s why he’s awesome…in his batman shirt and cowboy getup. Next up, edit August.cowboys

September 20, 2013 - 5:32 pm

Amelia Crippen Low - These are ADORABLE pics. I love how creative your kids are. And your place is a kids paradise! Just go explore and play and have fun in mud?! And you had kittens?! I had no clue! Let us know on the next litter. I want to see them!

September 20, 2013 - 5:55 pm

Leah Lorna Lacey - Bahaha laughed out loud at the stick donkey! Love loved loved these! Remind me to punch you in the arm next time I see you for saying your pictures aren’t good cuz these are seriously SO awesome!!!!

September 20, 2013 - 6:26 pm

Carole Satterwhite - Fun pics. So glad you finally came to Utah. Was so fun to see you all. Sorry we missed you in Alberta. I hate summer to be over with.

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