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Pallet Wall

Anyone who’s built a home (or renovated one top to bottom) knows it’s super overwhelming to decide all the details all at once. Luckily I’ve been dreaming of doing this for pretty much my whole life, and taking screen shots and ripping apart magazines of things I knew I’d want to one day incorporate into my home for literally years before Pinterest days. This pallet wall was a no brainer for me the second I first saw one on Bower Power.

Now I’m not actually sure how the talented Katie over there even did hers to be honest. I see the end result of things and just immediately go about figuring it out myself. Dumb, I know, but for some reason I can’t for the life of me slow down and make myself take the time to read tutorials. Probably why I don’t bother posting in-depth tuts too. Ha. Don’t get me wrong, if we’re stuck, I read. And if someone’s posted pictures with their tutorial, I for sure check out the pictures. Case in point, I doubt many people are even reading this right now!

So here’s my awesome instructions. I didn’t know how people were finding these free pallets that were all ready all perfectly weathered/distressed the right color. (Maybe I should have read more.) But we picked up nice, clean and fresh untreated free pallets and Derick tore them apart. We didn’t want to be left with a bunch of empty nail holes to fill in if we took out all the nails, (who likes more work?), so instead he just sawed all the portion of the nail of that was poking through to the back side of the planks with a sawz. (I had to text him to ask that.) Then he used a table saw to cut the width of all the planks to two different matching widths, since most of them were either bigger, or smaller. That way when he lined them up on the wall later, they would stack nicely up the wall in neat equal rows height wise. (I never would have thought of that, I would have just thrown them on the wall and they wouldn’t have looked good…Derick is definitely the mvp of our team.)

Then as you can see in the above poor-quality iPhone pics, (hopefully they’re appreciated bc it’s painful to put up such terrible-quality pics), he stained them with three different colors of stain we all ready had to see if they would look natural mixed together. They didn’t. So he flipped the boards over that didn’t match and stained the other sides of them along with the rest of the planks the top color you see above, and they turned out great. Then he urethaned them all so they were sealed and wipeable. Then they sat in the garage for a few good months until all the trim and walls were sprayed and painted upstairs, and then we finally got to do the fun part and install them! He said it took about eight good pallets to do this wall. And Van even loves it, so that’s awesome. I totally consult my kids before I do stuff like this. Lie. But as they are getting older I am starting to include them in on the plans. Ha. Luckily they’re still easily pleased.

And along with the pallet wall, I thought I’d throw in these pictures too since I don’t have any more updated than this on my camera. I just can’t bring myself to take more pictures because we still don’t even have shelving or racks in our closets and there’s just piles of clothing everywhere and it ain’t pretty. So insta pictures of clean corners will have to do until then. And I’ve only brought up like no boxes from the basement. Truth. So nothing is decorated at all. And what’s funny is the above color in the master bedroom has all ready been painted over. Don’t act surprised because I know you’re not. ;) I wanted a pale-white barely-there cream, and this was just too yellow, so now it’s a pale gray and it’s perfection.

And yes I feel terrible about it because our dear friends volunteered to help us paint the color on the walls and then I just ended up painting over it, but it really is the thought that counts. (And it meant a ridiculous amount to us that people were willing to do that). And as of now Baker’s room and the two bathrooms are actually still cream, because for some reason it doesn’t look yellow in those rooms so for now it will stay that way. Hey guys, do I have your permission to post your pics painting that sweet medium gray on my blog? Great, thanks. My sister was borrowing my camera and on her way out I told her to snap some pictures first. (All the girls were upstairs.)

Above is the maroon in Boston’s room. So glad this color turned out because it’s so dark and wouldn’t be fun to paint over. It looks like the beginnings of a more preppy room, but that’s actually not the vision. :) His color palette will be a modern maroon, mint green and gray. And I think I’m going to have to also use navy as a neutral because I can’t let gray take over my life. So think stripes and triangular patterns and pops of color. I love using navy as a neutral…when I dress too. My navy cardigan matches whatever other color I manage to work together…especially with my colored pants. Tangent. But seriously it’s my most worn item of clothing.I love dressing in maroon too right now which is actually why I chose maroon for Boss’s room. The house needed some color and his room is so bright and white I knew it would be the best place to put some. (But it was still hard and I had to force myself to do it.)

So top right is just another shot of what the cream did look like. It was still nice, lots of people loved it, but it wasn’t me. And top left is the beginnings of the wall treatment that my hallway got. I just now realized I still don’t think I’ve posted a picture of that either. Ok I’ll instagram that too then. :) And I promise I’ll have some paint colors ready too when I do post more. I know the cream was called Mistaya and the pale gray (not pictured) is called Deer Feather. I think the medium gray that is on the main floor is Lace Falls. Ok maybe I won’t look them up because I just remembered them all. Ha. And of course, all the lovely paint was picked up at my father-in-law’s local hardware store in Raymond. Make sure and have him hook you up.

May 16, 2013 - 5:23 pm

Lindsay - Pam, I’m so excited for all the new blog posts! By the way, I went back and found the green desk that was featured. Nice work! So, I’m going to combine all my comments into one.
– I just wanted to tell you and your family how sorry I am about your loss. I can’t even imagine the amount of pain you’ve gone through. But after reading the post on the twins, it’s evident you have a very strong foundation of faith, and I know that will get you through this. This link has helped me deal with loss.
– I love the twin’s names. Actually, all of your kids have the best names. And the best eyelashes :)
– I love the staircase! Seriously. You and your husband are crazy talented.
– I tried to find a really light cream too that wasn’t yellow. On my fourth try I finally found the perfect cream: Antique White by Sherwin Williams.
– I love the pallet wall. It’s crazy beautiful! Katie’s blog is the only DIY blog I actually read all the way through instead of skim b/c she’s hilarious!
– We just put up a planked ceiling in Fox’s bedroom and it took forever. Working over your head is a killer, so you are so lucky they came with the house. It totally transforms the space, I think.
– I cannot believe Derek isn’t a trained carpenter. Seriously. So, you’ve probably heard of right? If you haven’t, she copies furniture plans from expensive stores like Pottery Barn, and then gives you free plans to DIY. It’s the best, because then your furniture can be made out of real wood, and you can customize it however you want. There are some really fun plans for kid’s beds, as well as tons of other great stuff.
– did you see the fireplace redo on YHL and did you like it?
– I can’t wait to see what else you have planned. You guys have put in a ton of work, but it’s definitely a dream house.

May 25, 2013 - 9:36 am

Pam Heggie - Thanks for the awesome comment Lindsay!! I will have to look into that antique white. Can you noticeably tell it’s cream against white trim, or is it so barely cream it’s almost white? I found one that’s so barely there it’s almost white, which is kind of how I like it and thought maybe that’s just how it has to be or else it looks yellow.
I have been meaning to re-follow Bower Power for awhile now but some of her stuff was just getting away from my own style and I quit awhile ago but I checked recently and it seemed like she had some good things going on there. Do you like hers or YHL better? I did see the fireplace redo on YHL and I really liked it! I am doing chevron tile in our bathrooms, have had it picked out for awhile now but won’t be using it until we get new cabinets in there which will be a ways away. I still can’t decide what the main fireplaces will be, just wood or wood and some tile or possibly even some rock? Hmm…
I have heard of Ana White, she is crazy talented…maybe one day Derick will build me furniture. :) He is busy building me a house first he says. Ha. For some reason I’m more apt to have him spend his time on house projects too though and then I just watch for used furniture if I need something somewhere…I should have had him build our bedroom set and kitchen table back in the day instead of the amish but oh well!
BTW love that you named your son Fox! We actually also love that name. :) I really struggle with the boys’ names. I have had such a hard time coming up with five names that I really truly love and honestly feel just so tapped out on boy names right now. It’s definitely made it not so fun to keep it a surprise because for once I’d just rather not stress over having a boy and a girl name that I love ready…we are having a hard time with this sixth boy name and for some reason I don’t feel like I can even try to get pregnant until I have thought of one! A mental thing I think.
Anyways thanks for all the support on the blog! I love the comments and it’s been definitely hard blogging about the twins but it helps me so I’m glad people have good things to say about it…

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