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The Surprise

Thanks for the support for my last post everyone, I really felt like I was moving forward a little after I had posted it, and I appreciate so much the good response it had since it was so hard to do. Having some online support really helps right now since I’m pretty much a pro hermit these days. Since we kept the fact that we were having twins a surprise, and even lied about due dates to help our cause, I thought I’d try and share a little bit more about that.

Basically, we kept it a surprise because we thought it would be fun. We wanted the moment when we told our parents to be as fun and as exciting as it possibly could. Sheesh, I don’t think that plan could have possibly backfired any worse than it did. We had an early ultrasound on November 6 for a very minor reason, and I noticed it was taking much longer than previous ultrasounds, but I thought nothing of it and took advantage of being able to lie down in a dim room with my eyes closed for longer! Finally our completely boring ultrasound tech asked if I wanted my husband and kids to come in, and I said no, he’ll probably just come in during my regular 20-week one when the baby’s bigger and he could see more. So then she said plainly, “well, you’re having twins.” WHAT??!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? GO GET MY HUSBAND PLEASE! (You strange lady who should have insisted I get my husband anyways). Below is a photo taken right before the ultrasound at 3 months when we hadn’t told anyone about being pregnant yet.

Below, 3 1/2 months, the days we told all of our families. We had wanted to wait for the results of the ultrasound before we told everyone to make sure everything was okay, and then for some reason it was seemingly impossible to try and find a time to catch everyone and tell them in person, so we ended up telling them a bit later, when I was all ready clearly showing.

Our immediate reaction was just laughing and crying from the overwhelming news. To say it was one of the happiest moments of our lives would be an understatement. Having twins hadn’t crossed my mind in a long, long time. It’s funny, when we did have them and announced it on fb, my best friend wrote me in disbelief that I actually had twins, because growing up I pretty much flat-out told everyone that I WAS definitely going to have twins. :) With my dad being a twin, me and my sisters would always say, “no, I’M going to have twins.” That sort of fun family rivalry. As a little girl I desperately wanted to have twins, I think that’s normal though? It’s probably not normal for said little girl to boldly inform the world that she IS going to have twins, but moving on…. I truly hadn’t really thought about the chances of it since we actually started our family, not totally sure why, but we were completely shocked. We had giant perma-grins slapped onto our faces for at least 48 hours straight. We went to Canadian Tire right after, people probably thought we were delirious. (We were.) We kept texting each other for weeks…they went a lot like this. “BAHAHAHAHAHA TWINS!!!!” I actually felt like in those first few months like I was walking around on clouds. I was blissfully happy that we were about to have five children. I’ve always wanted six kids, but since I’ve had to have all c-sections, was never sure if six c-sections could even be possible for me. (The doctors tell me to take each one at a time before they’ll approve the next one). I couldn’t believe my luck, that I was getting two babies for the price of one c-section!

Below left in the sexiest Christmas pajamas alive, 4 1/2 months, below right, 4 months. I can’t believe how fast my belly was growing.

Sitting in the parking lot of the radiology place after we found out is when I first brought up not telling anyone until we actually had the babies. Derick immediately agreed it would be awesome and hilarious and the funnest thing ever. We of course weren’t sure if we were even going to be able to keep the secret the entire pregnancy due to the sheer size of what my belly was going to grow to, but we thought if we could, we would just let everyone think it’s just one (and that I’m just huge), and we weren’t going to tell anyone otherwise until they came to the hospital to see the baby for the first time. There in the hospital is when they’d walk in to see two babies! Leah was going to be there to video/take pictures of their reactions. It would have been priceless. Once both sets of parents had found out (they always visit on the first day), is when we were going to try and Skype or iChat with the rest of our family members and show them our twins. We told everyone our due date was April 15th. The real due date was May 7th, but since our doctor wasn’t going to let me go past April 15th, we thought that would help us keep our secret in relation to my belly’s growth. I also had a feeling I would go earlier than that (not January, but March maybe), so I would often say I’ll be getting delivered end of March, early April. We couldn’t believe though how many people asked, “are you sure you’re not carrying twins?” Which I actually think is a pretty rude thing to say. Ha. If I wasn’t actually carrying twins, I probably would have been super annoyed of everyone! I think we may have made it to March though (convincing people I mean). I’m a pretty good liar when I need to be. ;) And why can’t a girl on her fourth pregnancy just be super fat!?

Below left, 4 months, in the hotel right before my work Christmas party. There was a cute, very tall and skinny co-worker at our party pregnant with her first baby that was due in March that didn’t even look the slightest bit pregnant, so everyone thought I was some kind of freak show with my huge belly due in “April”. Ha. Below right, about a week over five months. Taken after church, the day before the twins were born, so 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant. So thankful we decided to take pictures that day.

We did, however, decide I should tell my two sisters. They had known for a month all ready that I was pregnant since we were having a hard time scheduling our girls’ road trip to Seattle, and Jolene kept trying to convince us to wait until Spring to go, and finally since she wasn’t buying any of my made-up excuses why that wouldn’t work, I finally blurted out, “well we can’t because I’m all ready pregnant!” Ha ha. And that decided that. :) I was bursting to tell someone about our twins’ news, and completely overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness (naturally). And I needed to be able to logistically talk to someone about it too and figure out what I needed to do to prepare! And with the amount of how much time I spend talking to my sisters, I just plain wanted to make my life easier by not having to have my guard up 24/7. I’m thankful I at least got to have some fun and funny conversations with my sisters about how great twins was going to be before life got completely derailed. In hindsight, we of course wished we’d all ready told everyone so that we could have at least seen the looks on their faces, and enjoyed the reality with everyone that we were going to be blessed with twins, no matter how short celebrating that reality would have been. That said, it’s hard to regret being the type of parents and people who try to pull off a surprise like this just for the sheer fun of it.

And of course, the second you’re keeping any kind of a secret, you start getting huge paranoia that everyone suspects that you are. There were a few close calls, but only one that came too close for comfort. A few days after we found out, I went to Montana for three days for an earlier-planned girls shopping trip with two of my very close friends and college roommates. We were shopping at a packed vintage market and we had gotten separated early (it was so packed). I was literally bursting to tell someone! It had only been four days since we found out. This is where I found our vintage elf that I thought would make a perfect elf on a shelf for us, and I was buying it from the nicest, cutest elderly couple who looked like they’d just packed up every knicknack from their house for their booth. :) I told them what it was for, to keep my three boys in check and report to Santa on a nightly basis, (they hadn’t heard of this new phenomenon).

Then getting carried away in the very noisy shopping crowd, I added, “and I’m pregnant with twins!” Of course they thought that was wonderful, and then I headed on my way to the next vendor, taking a look around and seeing neither of my friends. But sure enough, when I did meet up with them a few minutes later they both had giant grins on their faces, asking if I had something to tell them! Apparently one of them had been directly behind me when I was talking to the elderly couple! You’d THINK I would have shoulder checked. Nope. She turned straight around I guess and headed straight for our third pal to spill her accidentally-eavesdropped news. Lol. It was pretty funny, but I totally played it off like I had no idea what they were talking about. I *think* I did a good job of lying to them, they seemed to believe me anyways! I was actually quite proud of my ability to play it off and keep myself from grinning and giving it away. (Especially because it had only been days since we found out and I was going crazy inside!) And yes, they were both (jokingly) upset with me when they found out I actually had been pregnant with twins. Ha.

Thanks for listening, I’m going to post some house pictures next because I just need to mentally shift gears for awhile, and it’s actually been pretty exciting all the changes that have been going on around here. Just wish I could feel excited about them.




May 2, 2013 - 1:42 pm

Shelley - Pam thank you for sharing your sweet ‘matching’ boys – love that. They are so blessed to be part of your family forever.

May 2, 2013 - 5:36 pm

Leah - I’m so happy I did get to know about the twins so early on. Def couldn’t of backfired any worse! :o( loved all the prego pics though!

May 3, 2013 - 7:01 am

Tina - You are such a cute prego, every picture is adorable. Although this all made me very sad, you guys make me happy. You are the funnest couple!

May 3, 2013 - 11:40 am

Micah - You are the cutest most stylish pregnant lady ever! You look great in all those pictures! Love your blog by the way. Thinking of you and your sweet family.

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