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Why have I not shared this blog yet?? I finished it a month ago, and then I guess Christmas happened. This blog just makes me happy! When Amy told me she wanted to do a vintage school theme I was ecstatic…that is so my style, which makes it SO much more fun to design. And seriously, I will forever see this blog as my, “First Trimester while living in a Renovation Blog”. Lol. I was SO tired (ok I still am), and also pretty overall nauseous, and had a six-week-long headache in my third month. :( And of course it’s all still secret secret that early in the pregnancy, so I couldn’t even be lame and use it as an excuse to be a slug! But Amy was SO understanding with my slow pace. She was patient and relaxed and was so involved in really working hard on her end to figure out what SHE wanted and would be the most happy with, which always gives the best results…and it shows in this cutest blog!! The picture above is her landing page found here. She’s my first client to take advantage of a great feature of ProPhoto’s that allows you to have both a landing page and blog all tucked in the same neat ProPhoto umbrella. :)

Next is all the cute headers from the slideshow once you click through to her blog which is found here.¬†Love the idea of her branding as an elements table shown above…it was all ready something she was using and fit in perfectly with our school theme.

You may recognize the header below as the one I used to make my own family’s Christmas card with. A cuckoo clock was my inspiration for the frame, and I was just so in love with it! And it fit so perfectly for our apple orchard shoot…Amy used it too, a win/win for both of us. Lol.

LOVE her post header…everything about it. That apple turned out so perfect…and love how she used them in the bottom of her posts too in the last picture as icons to click on. And I’ve said it before, but it’s so fun that I keep getting such great clients whose photography is killer! Amy posted about creating the blog together here. She makes me blush and is way too nice! Lol. She does a great job of describing the process though. Thanks again Amy!! You’re awesome. :)


January 12, 2013 - 7:25 pm

Amy True - Aw Pam, I cannot tell you enough how amazing it was to work with you! You are so patient and ridiculously talented! The final product surpassed all expectations and I cannot recommend you highly enough. Anyone thinking about a branding revamp…Pam is the girl you want hands down! Book her before she’s crazy famous, you won’t be disappointed!

January 13, 2013 - 2:01 am

Leah - ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy GOOOOOOOODNESS! this is TO DIE for cute!!!!! the chalkboard outlined header?! holy flip!! Seriously so much cuteness in one blog. Can’t wait til your crazy famous!!! :o)

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