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Yearly Archives: 2012

Flower Boxes

Baker here to share our flower boxes we built a couple summers ago. :) I never liked anything you could get in theView full post »

2011 Scrapbooking

As mentioned, I just scrapbook random pictures from throughout the year whenever I feel like it! I didn’t startView full post »

2011 Yearbook

I thought I’d share quick what our family photo yearbooks look like. I don’t stress too much about keepingView full post »

Pam I Am 2.0

So really, it’s more like Pam I Am 10.0 probably, but I’m officially calling every other version of my blogView full post »


I LOVED this session! My first in-home newborn shoot, and it was just perfect. Laid back, chilled-out kids, happy baby&#View full post »

Handsome Mr. Heggie

Derick’s grad ceremony was a few weeks ago, and I didn’t take very many pictures because by the time the twoView full post »

Amanda & Mike

These two lovebirds came to their shoot basically straight from a demolition derby!! (They only quickly changed). IView full post »

Meghan Maxwell

So proud of how this blog turned out! Meghan of Meghan Maxwell Photography was my first local Canadian. :) Which meansView full post »


Ok, I really lost track of blogging my photography sessions there, and blogging in general really, so I’m tryingView full post »

Krystie Leigh Photography

Oh my am I excited about these pictures! My first studio pictures ever taken of the kids! My dear gem of a friendView full post »

Lovely Photography

I’m so happy to share a bright fresh blog during Spring! Looking at this blog just makes me happy…how can itView full post »

Rice Photography

I finished this blog a few weeks ago, and I can’t believe it’s taken so long to share it, because it was soView full post »

Does Marky Mark Pass?

All right, so in order to satisfy some nagging (but still lovable) aunts, here’s a whack of pictures of the boys!View full post »

Shopped and Stolen

Guess it’s time I blog! I love blogging, but I hate being behind with work and family time, so unless I’mView full post »

Misters Dressup

Not sure if it was just a Canadian thing, but who didn’t watch Mr. Dressup as a kid? I was so jealous of his trunkView full post »

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