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Merry Christmas Card

Merry Christmas folks! Here’s our card for this year…love these two pictures Leah got for me in Kelowna. I am seriously SO EXCITED for Christmas this year. Me and Derick have zero clue what each other got us and we both keep insisting we each have better surprises for another. Lol. I’m even done all my sewing for the kids and Derick’s done all the projects I’ve ordered up. Lol. So excited to take pictures and show you guys the desk he built…by far my favourite!

A few pregnancy updates. My ankles have all ready started to swell. What?? That hasn’t happened until 9 months before. Ugh. Also, on the way home from an appointment in Lethbridge (an hour from home), I inhaled a Junior Bacon Cheesburger, and a piece didn’t go down quite right, and I’ve had all sorts of weird chest feelings/pain/heartburn junk ever since! Lol. Yes, I should have chewed more! But I was HUNGRY.

One other exciting thing, Van’s room was featured twice on Ohdeedoh in their “Best of 2012” round-ups, so that was a fun surprise! First here for using the color emerald green, Pantone’s new “it” color for 2013. (And it’s funny, because forever ago when I painted that little desk I even told my sister like I was SO smart, “emerald green is going to be the new color soon”. Lol. Leah, back me up! Ha ha. And the other time was featuring cute big boy rooms.

And one last link, a post with a few ideas of how to help the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. It just makes me sick to my stomach as I’m sure it does everyone else. I keep breaking down into tears constantly, especially captioning all the different news reports. I purchased one of the prints from the link and will frame it in my home so every time I see it for the rest of my life I’m reminded of those sweet, innocent children and their brave teachers/administrators. Losing my brother, that’s one of a family’s fears I think, that their amazing loved one will be forgotten one day, and I’m happy to have found a way to both help a little and remember those sweet kids at the same time. Now time to go tickle and cuddle my own kids.

December 21, 2012 - 9:35 pm

Leah - It’s true!!! You indeed did call that one. Ha I’ve been meaning to call you and tell you about pantones new it color prediction but i’ve been crazy busy and so have you. lol you’ve always been ahead of the times. I said to my roomate the other day, I can’t wait for pam to plan my wedding because her ideas are always at least a year ahead of what the trends all start doing!! Can’t wait to get home and see those adorable nephews of mine!! You better start talking up the scavenger hunt I have planned for them christmas eve now cuz it’s gonna be EPIC! :o)

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