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Upstairs Projects

Derick has been busy! I thought I’d share a bit of what he’s been working on. We started adding this custom stuff while we waited for the mortgage process to move along. After our appraisal, we knew it’d take some time before we really could pull the trigger on ordering carpet, so we figured we might as well add some fun custom woodwork while we wait! Then it’d be easier to just spray it before the carpet went in too.

This first project was a piece he made to install right there over the bathtub to make it look built in. He built it completely from scraps, and I can’t wait to see it all painted up pretty and installed. I’m not a huge fan of the tub that’s there, so it will be nice to cover it up. :)

He got all this tile up, just has to grout it now. This is the kids’ bathroom…lucky kids!

So there’s four bedrooms total upstairs, one of my favourite things about the house! This is the room number 2. We used to call it Boston’s room, but with the new baby, everything is getting turned around, so for now it will be number 2. :) I wanted to do something a bit different from what was in Van’s room in the last house, so I came up with this extra band of wood going around about a foot down, and then just turned the top piece into a bit of a ledge like lots do, which will be nice to be able to ¬†rest things on.

This is the baby’s room, or room number 3. :) My other problem with adding this wainscoting everywhere was I didn’t want it to actually BE everywhere. I love the woodwork, but I think having it on every single wall is too much. So it was a bit tricky to come up with what to do in different places to still make it flow together, but still be different, but not too different it looks out of place! I needed a shelf for my, “I love you, a bushel & a peck” letters, so we built this chunky shelf for the baby’s room, but only with woodwork featured on one wall. I love the skinnier boards and the slight rectangles going on…perfect for a baby’s room. I was nervous about this one because was just going off a vision in my head! And I’m going to wallpaper above the shelf on the left wall and on the other whole wall that has the shelf partially on it. Now to just pick a wallpaper!

Above, right out that door and a quick right turn and you’re in the master. :)

A couple more shots of baby’s room on the left, and room 2 on the right. Love the two adjacent windows in room 2! It’s by far the sunniest room in the house. Wish you could see the view out those windows!

Above left is room 1, it has this awesome slanted roof. On the wall you see there is where the pallets are going to go up that you see Derick cutting below. (What a multi tasker Derick is, eating lunch at the same time.) : ) The wood’s stained all ready and looks great, can’t wait to see it up! And for some reason I forgot to take a picture of the hallway. Next time. And poor Derick caulking our roof for a million years, he’s working on the master roof in the above right picture. I know he gets tired of me telling him how great he is all the time but seriously, he’s SO GREAT!! Lol.

December 15, 2012 - 1:20 pm

Sam - Derick is so handy! I love that he was in some of the photos to show of his handy work!

April 27, 2014 - 2:09 pm

Micah - Looks great!! Your hubby is so darn handy. Love all your designs.

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