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The Sleeping Room


Here it is in all its glory! The big room we all live in as one big happy family. :) I actually felt like cleaning it up today AND taking pictures afterwards. It’s been awhile since I felt like doing two things in a row. Lol. So above you see Baker in our bed, and directly behind that the tv area…and to the left of that, part of our fancy master closet!

And here’s Boston proudly perched on his hot tub bed. He LOVES it. The kids think it’s the greatest thing ever, and every day at some point they all hop in it and pretend it’s their “hunting boat”. (They are obsessed with hunting lately and I don’t get it because Derick hasn’t been in a long time, and it’s not like he even watches hunting shows? They must just sense they’re in hunting country now!)

Side shot of the master bedroom. :) And the rest of our closet too…strewn all around a fireplace and its mantle, yes. Van is pretending to be the dad here…asleep. :) He said Baker is mom and Boston is “just a kid”.

Flying…also an activity they do daily. The kids just LOVE to play in this room, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there’s a prt of me that likes living so close all together. It’s my absolute favourite thing going to sleep every night to the sound of all three of them snoozing the night away! I will miss it. Right behind where Baker stands is his “room”.

Here’s the landing area that’s just to your right when you first walk in the room. you can see all the kids’ outfits laid out for tomorrow…they’re going to their grandparents’ while Derick and I head to Calgary for my staff party. A night away on our own is always so exciting! On the wall you can see our list for Phase 1. Which is just finishing the upstairs…it’s about two-thirds done I’d say. :) And I may or may not have added a couple projects to the list that could possibly be delaying Derick just a bit!

Here’s Baker’s room! It’s the changeroom complete with saloon-style swinging doors (one was removed and the other is folded back). It barely fits his playpen, and he also loves it in there. He is always laying awake in there talking to’s pretty funny. Sometimes he just sings and sings too. Just when we settle down to watch tv because we think they’re all asleep, we’ll hear a little, “hi”, and then he dies laughing. What a stinker!

This little tree on the left is obviously not much to look at…just a kids’ tree with clearance decor from Target I’ve collected over the years, but I thought our impromptu tree stand Derick made was pretty cute! And notice Legolas our new (antiqued) elf at the topof the Christmas tree…he stuffed the star down lower and perched himself up top as his “trick”. Kids thought it was hilarious.

A close up of a few of my favourite antiqued ornaments. And below is a vintage glassy-ish garland I found last year. Two complete strands in original packaging! So in love.

The mitten countdown hangs above the entrance into our “sleeping room” which is what the kids call it. Accompanied by my sweet countdown I made before Van was even born! Lol. Maybe one day it will come back in style. :) Definitely need to replace the Heggie letters with something cuter…one day.

Here’s the “dining room”. What a mismash of stuff! It’s totally random what’s made it upstairs to be used and what’s stayed downstairs in storage.

And the kitchen…we’re currently using the owners’ old appliances. One day the kitchen will be entirely sold off and replaced. It’s Phase 3. :) Phase 2 is the rest of the main floor. Phase 4 is redoing the “sleeping room”. Phase 5 is redoing the outside!! What am I most excited for Phase 5? Lol. I just can’t wait to see the outside transform…

Pretty much all of our decor ended up on the giant mantle…because there’s really no other place to put it anyways. I sorta’ like it all stacked up together up there. Those white sheep skins are usually under the tree…but not this year. Too dirty under there.

See that deer head in the very front? It’s an ornament from Canadian Tire. I think it will be so cute glued inside a frame to a cute background. Go get some!

And my dollar store find deer below…I just ordered a pink ceramic miniature deer to make a little snowglobe scene out of with jars like everyone else is doing. Can’t wait! And that’s it! It’s funny how many people have commented how we’re living the dream…redoing a house completely to our exact taste, and yes, it’s exciting, but dreamy? Not very! Lol.

December 8, 2012 - 1:14 am

Leah - YESSS! ha I’ve been waiting for this post! It seriously so hilarious!! Good work taking some pics. It’ll be awesome to remember one day once your cute and adorable house is all done!!

December 8, 2012 - 9:17 pm

Tina - Took me a LOOONG time to find that deer head in that picture. It was like Where’s Waldo over here, even Alan was helping. I’m jealous of that mantle….really jealous. Oh and jealous of how you can put everything together so cute, even a giant sleeping room with no closets. I want 4 boys too…how fun are little boys!!!

March 6, 2015 - 11:41 pm

Linda Frost - I can’t wait to see this place! It’s BEAUTIFUL!

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