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April 2013!

Yup, pregnant again! And man, has number four sure been different for me. Top left I’m almost four months, and top right I’m almost five months. (It was taken just a few days ago and yeah, I’m only holding four fingers because my ocd wouldn’t let me hold five since I’m not QUITE five.) So yeah, these pictures were taken only a MONTH apart people! This is NOT a good growth rate! Lol. It will be my fourth c-section, and I’ve all ready had an ultrasound (everything looked good) because of some different, random things happening, but it’s looking okay! Nothing like having your incision be super itchy…not the one in your stomach, but the one under that inside your stomach muscles! Fun times. And now it might make a lot more sense why the first few months in this house have been super hard for me! Lol. We pretty much moved in as the nausea and tiredness started…Derick was of course a superstar though, and it’s slowly wearing away. SLOWLY. First trimester in a reno? Why not? Actually, it’s kind of funny, since my bed is in the middle of our living space, I can lay in bed and still be right in the middle of the action! Lol. Handy! And no, we aren’t finding out what it is (we never have). Derick and I both LIVE for the surprise. Nothing in the world like finding out what you’re having and being handed that new little member of your family immediately! And I’ll also add, that I want a boy JUST as much as I want a girl. No lie. :) I think four little boys would be ridiculous amounts of fun! Though, it would be a tiny bit nice to know what we’re having just so I could pick out the wallpaper for the baby’s room ahead of time. Lol. But not a big problem to deal with afterwards. :) I also may just find something fun and unisex…we’ll see. Anyways, now you know! We only just told our family a few weeks ago at 4 months…kind of fun waiting. Makes it go by faster!

December 8, 2012 - 1:13 am

Leah - seriously can’t WAIT to meet a new little one! Fingers crossed for a little girl!!! :o) by the way cute christmas outfits! ;o)

December 8, 2012 - 6:24 pm

Sam - Funny, I thought you were holding up four fingers cause it’s your FOURTH baby! So cute! Sad I won’t meet the little bub for what will seem like forever!

December 31, 2012 - 5:30 pm

Morgan Mathews - Congratulations!!!

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