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Nothing in November

Well, Derick pretty much ditched me tonight. I had to hop on a half-hour show last minute after which I thought we were going to watch How I Met Your Mother, but after my show, Derick was passed out asleep in bed. :) Mind you, he’s been really sick, this is actually round two for him, so I guess I’ll blog instead! And since I really have taken next to no photos since September (though I do promise to post some of our current living situation soon, because it’s pretty comical), here’s just a whole bunch of random, summery pictures that make me happy!

Van lovin’ on cousin Henry above, and us ready for church in the other photo. Every now and then Derick will insist I just “look so hot he needs to take a picture of me.” Ba ha ha ha…how cute is that? :) (And trust me, I never look particularily “hot”, ever! Lol.)

So me and Derick got to go to Kalispell sans kids for a night to buy toilets, sinks, faucets and tile for the house. And I then decided it was a good idea to take an inappropriate picture of me on the box? Lol. It’s actually the only picture we took the whole two days. :) And yes, I’m aware my facial expressions sometimes channel Derick’s Japanese roots from time to time.

The one above and the two below are from Henry Hen’s blessing day. Aren’t all the grandkids and their grandparents just darling?

And I’ll end with my current favourite picture of Baker ever. This was Kelowna, and we hung out by the pool a lot, and my kids learned a LOT about swimming, I guess I never realized how little you learn when you mostly just play in lakes and rivers all summer. Baker especially was loving the goggles and he just looks like he’s about to take on the world here! Sometimes I get nervous that my cute little chubster is growing up and it makes me hope that my next one is another darling little boy just so I don’t have to worry about Baker growing out of the cutest little toddler stage because I’ll another one’s coming. :)  And because that’s just how it seems to go around here! I’m sure a little girl would be just as cute…but man do I love my little boys!!


Oh, and the best news all day, I finally got the courage to submit Van’s old room to Ohdeedoh as just a room to be featured, and it went up today. I know, doesn’t seem like a big deal, but after the (literally) national controversy Boston’s room caused, how could I not be nervous? But I didn’t want to let myself be scared off by other peoples’ extreme opinions who for some reason forgot a thing called manners when it came to sharing said opinions. SO, I am proud of myself, and I’ve never been so happy to see so few comments on a post of mine! Just one lovely simple comment. :) I did purposely leave my website out of things, no need to encourage anyone, but either way, I did it! And I’m also super happy to report that Boston slept in his little “lair” up until September when we moved here, and that handsome little man turns 4 on Friday, and he was happy as a clam in that crib. Would just hop out when he needed to go to the washroom or talk to us, and hop back in when he was done. :)

November 20, 2012 - 1:12 am

Leah - Oh how i LOVED all these photos!! Especially bakes in those goggles! Killer cute!! Ol’ “jake’s” abs didn’t hurt the photo either ;o) Way to go submitting vans adorable old room!! Your the bravest person I know!! really though. :o)

November 22, 2012 - 7:23 am

Sam - These pics are beyond cute! I wish I knew how to comment on every single one (Pam you should figure out how to do that on blogs)!

I miss these boys!!!

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