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Holt Family

This gorgeous and photogenic family finally let me take their family pictures for them!! Jennie is Derick’s sister, and yes, good looks run in their family! :)

I always like it when a toddler tries to be sneaky and get away during a picture…make for a great shot! :)

Especially ones like this one that are slightly blurry but awesome anyways.

Hot couple alert! Every single picture I took of these guys they looked perfect in them…so I didn’t even delete ONE. Lol.

We got lucky and Ashley was all smiles for me…okay maybe for Derick acting like a goof behind me. I love it when Derick can come with me on a shoot…doesn’t even feel like working!

In love with these sisters’ shots…it was just a great night and everything went so well! The shot below was the very first one I took in that setting, they sat down, cuddled, smiled and were done! Nailed it! :)
And I swear, these pictures took place on the ONE day we had fall. Really, does fall last more than a week around here? So unfortunate. I went to Seattle with my sisters for five days a few weeks ago…yeah, we’re all spoiled to get to do such fun things together, but trust me when I say it took a LOT of work to get it arranged! Lol. But so worth it! EVERYONE should go on sisters trips! Anyways, I digress, Seattle was so gorgeous, had me pining for Pittsburgh, and dreading going home, and wondering what could go so wrong between the 12-hour trip home that could make the trees go from so gorgeous to so…dead looking!
Love little girls with spunky little poses. :) And love Chloe’s little yellow shoes! These pictures were pure fun to edit because everyone was so cute and the lighting was so awesome! Thanks for being so darling Holt family! :)
November 14, 2012 - 4:20 pm

Kim Loewen - Cute pictures!!!

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