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Talia Audenart

Oh how this cute blog reminds me of summer! It was my summer project, and the most perfect one at that, and Talia was an equally perfect client!! We both just enjoyed the holidays and worked on things in between, and it was lovely. :) And isn’t it just so bright and cheery and perfect?

Her background just may be my favourite part, though that feather garland is something else!! I can’t take credit for the individual design of the feathers, they were some vector gems I found free online, (meaning they only work with Illustrator), but the background I did make and it turned out perfectly! I had to take a screenshot like this because my lame tiny computer screen doesn’t show it off right unless I really minimize the blog. :( I need an upgrade BAD.

Her little post separator is the perfect embellishment to match all the other cuteness! And seriously, isn’t her photography just awesome? She’s from the Edmonton area and her attention to detail definitely shows through in her gorgeous shots! Oh, and she wrote her name for her logo herself! Love it when a client wants to incorporate their own stuff into the design, it really makes things personal and unique. And cute! :)

And if you haven’t checked out Talia’s cute blog before, make sure and stop by her older one to see pictures of her darling family, and you’ll soon see why it was important to design a blog that matched the cuteness of her and her family! :) (I actually followed her blog all ready and didn’t really know her when she emailed me about designing her blog, so THAT’S always fun to have happen!) Lol. Thanks for being so laid back and great Talia!


Oh, and since I don’t blog much, I thought I’d give a little update on the house. We still don’t own it, but the mortgage process IS finally started! Hopefully one day it ends. :) Buying a fixer-upper is complicated! And I’d be lying if I said we’re enjoying our time here. Ok maybe Derick and the boys are (the boys definitely are, outside all the time, playing in all corners of the unfinished house), but the dust and dreariness and plywood floors are really getting to me, and the lack of living space, since we are all staying in the same area, there’s no escape! And I work from home sooo…..I’m basically a lazy slug who has no motivation to do anything! Bad news is we have a loooong ways to go, good news is I can still see the potential and the chance we have to live in our dream home at a much younger age than I ever thought possible.

Boston and Van were playing “swords” with some smaller pipe (I haven’t really unpacked any toys, no real room for that, so scaffolding is their jungle gym, pipe is their swords), and Boston accidentally caught Van on the head and he ended up having to get a staple from the doctor. A staple? In the head? Seems strange, but I think it was the quickest thing because Van was in no mood to sit still. I’m thankful that’s our only casualty so far with all the power tools and such around. Sorry there’s no pictures of all this exciting dreariness…I’ll really try and motivate  my slug self to take some!

October 26, 2012 - 9:58 pm

Leah - loooooooooove this! the post separator is my fav!

October 30, 2012 - 4:40 pm

ashley - Love this! The color palette is awesome! Poor Van and the staple. I saw him at kindergarten today- his costume was super cute.

January 17, 2013 - 3:22 pm

Talia - Pam, thank you so much for all your hard work and expertise!! I looooooved working with you, you totally made my dream come to life! *MWAH*!!!!

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