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Van the Kindergarten Kid

As I mentioned all ready, I was so worried about Van and his first day of school ever! He didn’t do preschool, and with just moving days before, I felt like it was sort of impossible for it to go well! Man has this kid found some courage and sure made life easier around here. :) When I was walking him to the bus the first morning, I was a mess, because he actually got ON the bus!! I was dying…he cried for a quick second, so I actually got on the bus with him and sat beside him for a second…and then our kitty snuck on the bus which Van thought was hilarious. It was a good ice breaker, and he let me leave with the kitty. And like that he was gone, and I was a mess! He wasn’t supposed to actually GO to school! Lol.

His cutest teacher sent him this magic confetti that you put under your pillow so you’re not nervous. It must have really been magic. Lol. Aren’t Van’s curtains sweet? Ha ha. My mom had this bolt of fabric for oh about 40 years. Yards and YARDS of it…classy. Surprising she’s never found a use for that “good deal”. Lol. So yes, I was the crazy mom who followed his bus to school (I promised Van I’d be there when he got off), and it’s a good thing I did, because we didn’t get the sheet about the shortened day that didn’t start until later! So no one was there to meet him but me, and we had a few minutes to take some pictures, so I didn’t mind it. I even managed to get groceries, go to the bank and lock ourselves out of the car all before I took him on time for the real deal. :)

This kid loves his ear muffs! I bought a red light that spells “love” and he plugs it in at night sometimes for himself. :) Our heat wasn’t working for a few days (fun times right now living in a construction zone), and we found Van asleep in his winter coat…fur hood and all. Lol.

Speaking of growing up, he’s lost two teeth! A week apart from each other…he was real excited about his “five monies”. Boston is just a funny kid…he was making a face just to be silly. Love their matching brown eyes in this picture. :)
I can’t believe how many times we’ve had to run to meet the bus! Lol. I really feel like I did that enough as a child, I tried to get Van to go on his own one morning, but not happening yet. Which I’m okay with, we’re just happy he gets on the bus at all!
Derick on his first day of school too. :) This was the first time Van rode the bus home alone. He’s had all sorts of different welcome parties in his first month, friends, family, cousins, grandparents…it’s pretty funny.
All dressed up in our matching gray skinnies for the first real full day. :) The one on the right is after he was home…I worried about him all day long, was so happy to see him and hear how much he loves school. An answer to our prayers!!
October 20, 2012 - 10:58 am

Sam - Van looks so grown up! these are the cutest little snapshots ever! Love that you, Derick, and Van are all sporting grey skinnies! lol Miss you guys!

October 21, 2012 - 1:54 am

Leah - YAYA for this post! LOVED it! I wish I could see van man come home off the bus. baha loved bostons funny face! ha you also look like the proudest mom ever! #soadorable :o)

October 22, 2012 - 2:33 pm

Talia - So so cute!! Sending kids to school sucks…I get emotional about it every year!

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