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17-55mm Lens for Sale

Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.7 IS USM lens with the Hoya 77mm filter for $850.

Boring post, I know, but it’s probably exciting for whoever snags this deal! :) I should have sold this lens when I sold my 40D almost a year ago, but I’ve been hanging onto it because I’m weirdly sentimental! Lol. It’s time to bite the bullet and let it go though! Oh how I miss my very first lens! I hate the fact that there isn’t one magic lens out there that’s perfect for all occasions, but seriously, this one’s pretty darn close! 17-55mm is the perfect focal range, wide enough to get your whole living room or a large family or wedding party if you need it, and close enough for really great portraits. The 2.8 aperture is stable, no matter what focal length you are at that wide 2.8 is available to you, which is what’s rare to find in a zoom lens and is why it’s so expensive! It’s also touted as the only non-L lens to produce L-quality results, and I completely agree! I even preferred this lens to my 50mm f1.4, and only found myself putting on my 50mm when I had REALLY low light. Oh, and it only fits on cameras that aren’t full frame, hence, why I’m forced to sell it! Here’s the link to my kijiji ad, it just went up today, but I’d much rather a blog follower adopt my first baby than a stranger! :) I found some other ads for the same lens for a comparable price, but they didn’t include filters, (mine cost me $170), so hopefully mine goes fast! The combination is around $1300 new.

ETA: *now sold to a very lovely home!*

And for those not interested in this, I’ll be back later with a post full of a cute little kindergarten kid. :)

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