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I was so happy to sneak this family session in right before I moved, and I made sure to enjoy the little gems Lethbridge had to offer for cute shoot locations since I probably wouldn’t be there near as much anymore! How cute are these guys? One son newly married and one leaving on a mission soon. They are actually on their way to take him to the MTC right now after which he’ll be going to Halifax!! (I’m jealous…always wanted to live in Eastern Canada ever since I lived in Pittsburgh and loved it so much).

Btw photographers, these fun colored palettes are behind the Canadian Tire on the north side. :)

Love this serious shot below. My favourite part is dad folding his arms like he’s the DAD of course. Lol. And it’s definitely very Stake Presidently of him too. Ha ha. :)
Love this sisters hug…I was lucky enough to have two different callings in our previous ward and each one I got to spend time with one of these cute girls! And oh man anyone in Lethbridge better run out and sign up for Jody’s (the young cute-lookin’ mom seen above) zumba class asap…except I’m not sure where it is, maybe the Boot Camp? Lol. It is awesome!! I had a teacher I loved who sadly moved away and I thought no one could ever be as great…then I did one of Jody’s classes right before I moved. Sad because I was leaving, but happy that it was so amazing and FUN!
And of course ending with quite possibly my current all-time favourite family shot! Yes, I am playing favourites (until my next shoot…ha ha). Really though, I was so excited when I found this mint green wall and couldn’t wait to set it up as I’d pictured this shot in my mind like this for awhile and the awesome Evanson family nailed it for me! Thanks for that guys! :)
September 26, 2012 - 12:23 am

Leah - ummm that mint green wall is to die for cute! Along with all of these pics! What an adorable family!! I love all the colors! Ha and totally had to study the pics to find out where the mom was! haha

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