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Monthly Archives: February 2012


Ok, this header is just so cute and perfect in so many ways! Brittany came to me after all ready having her logo done byView full post »

Morgan’s Marketing Set

 How could I forget to blog the matching marketing set I made for Morgan’s blog?? If you can take a WILD guess,View full post »


 I’m in love with how different Haleigh’s blog turned out!! So fresh and unique. She made a board onView full post »

Morgan and Blogger

I can’t believe how behind I am in blogging about the projects I’ve finished in the past few months! I’View full post »


I have had to resort to my iPhone for picture-taking because though I did have my sister’s backup Nikon, sheView full post »

Oh How I Love You

daddy-oh from Leah Lacey on Vimeo. So Derick turned 30 last week, and (like I mentioned a few posts ago) I wanted toView full post »

I’m Grosser Than You

I get paranoid that anyone who reads my blog would think that my house is always as clean as the little tours I do nowView full post »

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