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Monthly Archives: June 2011


Okay, I finally have Lappy back! For those of you who aren’t my sisters, Lappy is my laptop. Yes, he has a name,View full post »

Blogger 101

Okay, I’m finally done! Well, mostly. I didn’t get the downloads section figured out yet, but oh well, IView full post »

Want My Blog?

Okay, well not my WHOLE blog, ha ha…BUT, you can have my header and my background if you want! I’m foreverView full post »

Salad Dressing

I wasn’t going to post tonight, then I realized it’d been five days since I’d posted…longest runView full post »

Living Room No. 2

Okay, here’s the whole picture! Our living room area is the AWKWARDEST space ever. Long and skinny…withView full post »

Patty Cake, Patty Cake

Baker’s man! Here’s the rest of the map shoot. I’m SO MAD I forgot to slick Baker’s hair for theView full post »

Living Room No. 1

Here’s a few details shots from my living room. It seemed like too many pictures to put everything into one post!View full post »


Another fun senior shoot! Robbie just needed a (mini) mini session…so we just went quickly to the end of my roadView full post »

Button, button

So I know this is two posts in a row, but I’ve been SO excited to talk about my Illustrator 101 class I am justView full post »

My Handsomes

I’ve been DYING to do this photoshoot for a long time. Okay for six months. I was trying to think of somethingView full post »

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