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Yearly Archives: 2011

All The Ways

 Just wait until you see how awesome this video is!!! Ba ha ha. Yes, I am proud of my little family and my sister’View full post »

Christmas Holly

Finally I can share Holly’s blog! And just in time for Christmas! Ha ha. A lot of work went into this one, and IView full post »

Mitten Countdown

Last December if you would have seen me, I probably would have been carrying around a grocery bag full of mittens, whiteView full post »

Deck the Walls

I thought I’d share a few of our Christmas decorations. I bet everyone (except you Jolene…ha ha) is havingView full post »

It’s not you, it’s me.

***ETA***UPDATE!!! Everything is sold!! Thanks everyone! Yes, I’m breaking up with my first camera, and it makesView full post »

Bye Bye Bibs

I’m pretty sure I first saw these little handkerchief bibs on made. That’s the only sewing blog I follow&#View full post »

Class of 2001

Yes, technically, these pictures are “old”, and it would have been much better to have blogged them inView full post »

Leah Lorna 2.0

I’m so so so so so excited about Leah’s blog! I had this idea quite awhile ago, and I was putting it offView full post »

She’s Good at Standing

Seriously!! If I had half the naturalness my sister Leah does in front of the camera I’d be happy! It’sView full post »

Four Generations

A friend from church saw Karley’s pictures  I took and decided they had to have some done for themselves. LoveView full post »

Hoo Let The Owls Out?

What a fun day! Okay, I have a barrage of family members soliciting my fb wall for pictures, and they aren’tView full post »

Spare Room/Study

Okay, I need to get this room blogged, so I can get back to catching up on posting the shoots I’ve been doing thisView full post »

Diagonal Stripes

I’m obsessed with diagonal stripes! Every shape, color, thickness, all of it…I’m pretty sure everyoneView full post »

Ruffle Quilt

Okay, so I know, two posts in one day, but LOOK AT THIS DEAL!!! I actually all ready ordered two a few days ago….View full post »

The Bevans’

How cute is this family??? I’m pretty sure this is my favourite family one! The first picture usually is for someView full post »

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