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On a break working late tonight, thought I’d blog even though no one blogs anymore. I’ve prepaid my hosting fees for at least another year I think? So I’m going to blog! Ha ha.


A few pictures from fall last year. Watson playing in this old tree shelter that Derick added a little deck to. Makes the perfect jumping off board for the trampoline. :) Not much cuter than a little toddler who can’t even talk play make believe with toys!IMG_3006

Well this might be cuter. Lol. Totally busted Chipits thief! Not that he cares. I was pretty impressed he got them open actually. I used to hide chocolate chips in my closet as a kid. Oh was that just me? And jello powder?


I’m not sure anyone is more excited to get older than Baker man. He wants so much to be able to do all the things Van and Boss can do. I scored this little turtle shell for 25 cents at a thrift store, and it’s perfect for my little “-inja”.


Derick found this bike at the dump and sprayed it up nice for his bday. Ha ha. Added a few stickers, good as new. :) I love how easily pleased kids are. I really believe kids come to us so sweet, and the trick is not spoiling them and ruining them like a piece of bad fruit. Ha ha. Some days I feel like we’re winning, some days we’re losing!


Van with his lego combine he built. Didn’t even know he knew what combines looked like in that much detail! Lol. The kids can pretty much have as much lego as they want since it’s the most adorable thing to see their little lego creations! They’ve got a little city going on in their bedroom nook. Ha ha. This Christmas they got some “girl” colours just to give their lego box some diversity. Ha ha. Though I’ve always taught them girls don’t have specific colours, that every colour is for every person if they want it to be. Never hurts to mix in some pink and purple into the box.


In October a bunch of our close friends were going on a cruise. We’d been thinking about it leading up to it, but just couldn’t make up our minds! A week before we decided to go for it! Since we finally decided to definitely try for another little one in the coming year, (I’m due August 28!), we thought it would be awesome to squeeze in another trip before the pregnancy and newborn grounded the whole family for a good couple of years. Ha ha. So glad we did! Not sure if going on a cruise could ever be a bad choice! Ha. Especially with good friends. :)


We ported out of Galveston, Texas, and I loved spending Saturday night and Sunday morning there. Why oh why can’t Canada have a billion old houses and buildings just packed with amazing history and character!? Well, western Canada. I really live in the wrong place. I mean, I like the mountains…but…I also like Target and Nordstrom Rack. I love shopping online and shipping stuff to Babb. I like to joke that I’m just going to the mall when I head there to pick up my packages. Ha ha. A mall full of my pre-packaged orders from every one of my favourite stores in one place just 30 minutes away. A girl can dream. I digress. palm

This resort in Mexico was definitely a highlight for me. Love me some pool lounging. Not a huge fan of salt water…or big waves…

I know I’ve said it before, but I really can’t recommend a cruise enough! And I get crazy carsick super easy, but the patch totally did the trick for me both times now. No seasickness at all. It’s like stepping into a completely different world for a week! Makes you feel ten years younger…or something anyways. Lol. Like you’re going back in time to when you were a completely irresponsible kid again. IMG_3183IMG_3200

Ha ha Derick still waking up from a little nap. We definitely stayed out a bit later than we should, but that’s half the fun! I like this picture because it shows our cute tiny room. :) IMG_3235

Not quite tall enough there Pam…

Thinking of the buffet food on the ship is bad for a pregnant mama late at night surrounded by easter candy not yet broken into by the shorties.


Soon after we got home we had to go to Calgary for something. Can’t remember what now? Hmm maybe our doctor’s appointment with my high-risk ob-gyn I think! Just a little pre-planning consultation. Grown-up decisions aren’t the funnest. :( We took the boys to the waterslides for the day. Nothing like leaving your kids to make you feel a bit guilty and plan something fun for them soon after!  I hate the nerves of worrying about them when you’re gone. I remember driving to Calgary with all of them packed into our truck thinking how relieved I was to be back home with them all! Not that I wouldn’t still go next time I get the chance. Ha. IMG_3260IMG_3307

Every Sunday I get annoyed I have choir practise after because the boys are all changed by the time I get home from church and I never get enough pictures. Ha ha. I LOVE dressing up my little men for Sunday. :) IMG_3447

Watson in his cousin’s monkey costume that I swear when Van wore it, he was like 4. It’s so bizarre how your oldest children feel so old and your youngest feels so little at the same age! monkey

Boston’s obsession with dressing as food thankfully continued this halloween. I actually wore his banana costume to an adult party. Ha ha. It didn’t fit so great…ha. Baker is wearing a bear costume my grandma made my brother (Trenty bear) as a kid. The monkey was the worst at cooperating for pics…if it isn’t obvious. banana

Van wanted to be a construction guy, then after getting his costume together, realized if he added a moustache he’d look just like his Papa (a former ‘construction guy’). They are pretty cute together! I remember dressing as the same thing in grade six…when I was 12. Ha ha. Weirdo. And a pic with Boston and his best friend donkey…carries him around everywhere. Though Donkey got some competition this Christmas. Ha ha. oaoa

All right, time to raid the baskets and then head to bed. Good thing I know the bunny has all ready placed a huge bag of mini eggs outside mama’s door! Ha ha. Happy Easter friends. :)

March 27, 2016 - 8:09 pm

Amelia Crippen Low - Ahhhhhh…the cruise. So many great memories. :) so glad you came. And all your Halloween pics are adorable. Love that banana and what a cute bear costume!!

March 27, 2016 - 8:10 pm

Amelia Crippen Low - PS my mini eggs are gone. :( we went through 2 of the big bags BEFORE Easter. I guess I’ve had my fill. (for the record I had some help.)

March 27, 2016 - 10:36 pm

Stephen Heggie - That Pic with Van & Fred is priceless….and Yah! what is Watson “saying” in that first pic. haha

2015 KOA & Horseshoe Bend


Man looking at these pictures has me excited to pull the trailer out again this summer! The other day Van went outside and eventually I realized I didn’t see him anywhere out there. After walking around the whole yard yelling his name, I found him in the trailer. Neck deep cleaning it. Ha ha! I told him dinner was ready, “mom, I just have to sweep though.” That kid LOVES to organize and clean…I was the same as a kid. :)


Gotta love a sun, swimming and fun hangover. Or maybe it was just too much Taco John’s. Ha ha! He out slept us all this day don’t ask me how! Not sure if I miss Target or Taco John’s more. :( Can whoever comes back through Browning next just please bring me a super potato oles all ready???wattsykoa

IMG_2577IMG_2607Cousin bridges. :)



Isn’t this jean quilt my mom made me just the best? That woman loves to make quilts! Just like her mom. :) hottubIMG_2707These bright shorts were the best for keeping track of Baker. Though he pretty much camped out in the hot tub the entire time. He loves being inside with me…where it’s, “always nice and warm mom.” I feel ya Bakes!


I’m still mad that the first day in school was in August this year! Worst.idea.ever! AFTER the long weekend guys!! As if our summer isn’t short enough in this country! There’s something so sentimental about first day of school pictures though. I just love them. Boss’s arm on Van’s shoulder just melts me. IMG_2773

It’s my favourite how much Boston loves his banana shirt…and how big his older brother’s hand-me-down shoes look on him. And how Van really did kill it on his first day of school which hasn’t always been the case. Not my favourite how Boston lost the new jeans he’s wearing. The best softest little jogger jeans. Who loses their PANTS? Lol. Other than the lego guy of course on the lego movie…anyone?

Man I love Baker with longer hair. I don’t love it when he gets tired of it in his eyes and cuts it himself…like three times. Or when Derick cuts it and he may as well have let Baker cut it. Ha! We let him get all ready for school, even though he didn’t go anywhere but stay home with his mom all day long this year. Right where he should be. :)

Anyone who doesn’t own a bouncing inflatable donkey needs one this second. From Amazon. It’s pretty much the best free entertainment around to watch toddlers bouncy bounce their way around the house!
septemberI refused to give in to summer being over, so we squoze two more little camping trips in after school started. This is right before we hiked Wall Lake, first time ever really hiking as a family. It was hard for those boys and COLD! But we did it…good thing cute matching grandma and grandpa were there. The bikes got ditched like 1k in.

We almost couldn’t come because the heater wouldn’t turn on. (It was snowing all ready!) Nothing worse than being all packed up ready to go and then you realize something is broken. Good thing Derick is super dad who can fix anything!



Love having this little bar in the trailer…everyone needs to make one. :)IMG_2837

And true to southern Alberta form, the next weekend was sunshiny and hot. Where do you camp when it’s the end of summer and you’re out of money and mom still has to work on Saturday? Horseshoe Bend of course, 15 minutes from your house up the river! Perks of being friends with a guy who knows a guy. Ha. I loved this little trip…hoping to squeeze in another low-key one like this again. Nothing beats free and your own little private beach…even if there’s fresh bear tracks in the morning? Yikes.


Wattsy, I want to squish your face to smitherines.



The countdown to more camping is on! Who’s brave enough to pack their snow pants away all ready with me? Lol. Ya, me either.

March 21, 2016 - 8:45 pm

Karley Lilburn - Pam!! You have the most adorable family and the BEST taste in decor…my house needs you in it’s life!! ;) Summer pictures are by far the best and it’s always the largest section in my scrabpooks and the most fun to go through!!…I took all the winter coats and snowpants out of the closet on the weekend, I hope I didn’t jinx us…but they are easily acessable for when we get our “spring dump”.

March 21, 2016 - 9:52 pm

Leah Lacey - OH my gosh this makes me so excited for summer!! It also makes me SO excited for another baby!!!

March 21, 2016 - 10:38 pm

Tara Oler-Easthope - Haha the Lego guy. That made me laugh. Your family is the cutest.

Scripture Reading Chart

My sister asked me to make this little printable to use for a scripture reading chart for her primary, so I figured I’d share it here too so others could enjoy. :) The cactus paper was a free digital download from here, and the chart part was all ready shared by a lovely lady on the fb primary group. (I messaged her so I could hopefully link back to her website somewhere.) Some had the idea to glue it to 2X4 blocks so it was more substantial, but I think we’ll just have it printed double sided, laminated, and let the parents help tick off the chart with a permanent marker when it’s time. Enjoy!



Happy Three Years

This year to celebrate Shepard and Deacon’s big day they debuted on earth, I’m using the lyrics from my most very favourite hymn from the LDS Hymnbook. We sang it to them in the hospital by their little beds and we sang it at their sweet gravesite  service (a cappella, my favourite way to sing it). Be Still, My Soul, by Katherine von Schlegel. (Click the link for full lyrics.)

I’m sure one of the reasons I love it is because I sing alto, and it has an especially beautiful alto part. It’s got the perfect dissonance to it which has always been a favourite of mine to play on the piano. But the words! The words are so powerful, and hundreds of years old. Grief has not changed, not since the creation of the earth. I often feel a strong connection to mothers from past times, when no one was untouched by grief, especially the unique grief of losing a little brand new baby. To know that mothers just like me have been singing this same hymn for comfort for hundreds of years is beyond resonating. It’s near impossible to choose the most powerful lyric to frame, but truly, the first line is hard to beat.



Be still, my soul. The Lord is on thy side. How wonderful! The all powerful, loving Lord is on MY side and YOUR side. Every time, he’s on OUR side. Even when you’re positive He’s not. I promise you that He is. When you’re physically shaking from sadness, distraught with crushing grief, and your thoughts are all consumed by tragedy, hear His words speaking to your soul. Even if you are so taken by grief that it can only be attempted through song. Calming your soul. Lovingly urging it to be still. He is on thy side. Believe it. Have patience and leave the rest to Him. He is faithfully our best friend. Do not let thy hope or confidence shake! All now mysterious shall be made bright and clear. Soon the time will be here that we will be forever with Him. Sorrow forgot. Love’s purest joy restored. When change and tears are past, safe and blessed we shall meet at last.

I love this version David Archuleta sings and strongly urge you take a listen. :) Click on the graphic for a free download of this beautiful song lyric in 8X10. Oh and I made my life easier this year and just bought the beautiful watercolour wreath and distribution license for this year’s gift, so don’t give me too much credit. ;) Happy three beautiful years since my celestially handsome twin boys Shepard Fred and Deacon Bennett became a part of our eternally-existent family!


January 14, 2016 - 12:34 pm

Ashley - Such a sweet post for two perfect boys! That is one of my favourite hymns and the print is darling! ❤️❤️❤️

January 14, 2016 - 5:17 pm

Amelia Crippen Low - Happy Birthday Boys! And beautiful words that made me cry Pam. I’m on my period so emotions are running wild these last couple days. Love you all!

January 14, 2016 - 8:58 pm

Marilee Halvorson - Have a wonderful day with your family!

January 14, 2016 - 11:47 pm

Jamie Green - That’s my favorite too when he is singing to the mo tab it brings me such peace. You are all lived and awesome, thank you for sharing

January 15, 2016 - 4:25 am

Rhonda Steed - Love it. Happy birthday to your sweet boys!!!

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